Vibram FiveFingers Shoes

So far,
My toes haven’t complained about crowding together in a shoe.
In fact, they kinda like working together…

If they do, and you don’t want to buy these shoes, try separating them by boy-girl-boy-girl-boy, assuming you have 2 girl toes and 3 boy toes.

Look at your toes. You probably have a little toe that conforms and hugs the toe next to it as do your other toes. I believe that your toes were meant to be splayed and to act independently like your fingers. This splaying and independence results in a much more stable base. Conventional shoes eventually deform your toes.

I walk better in my Vibrams. Run better, too.

What’s the return policy on this, especially if they don’t fit quite right?

Since we’re a close-out site (don’t maintain inventory), returns are generally defects only. There are many places where you can try on the shoes for fit. You can also try contact Vibrams to see if they can assist you with an exchange.