Vibram Men's and Women's Shoes

C’mon, get some Vibrams in more sizes. Also, get some of those trail runner shoes for men (Treksport, Spyridon, etc).

How true to size are these shoes? I would expect the fit to need to be better on these.

Is there any special return policy if we need a different size? Or just the standard return for a restocking fee if they don’t fit?

I’m an extreme fan of Vibram Five Fingers (currently have 35 pair) and can tell anyone interested in VFF’s, this is an excellent deal! I’m sure many think I’m crazy to own so many pairs, but that’s quite alright, because I love my VFF’s. I have a list of the models I own and what I paid for each on AMAZON along with some helpful information for anyone interested.

The “Speed” is one of the most comfortable, if not the most comfortable shoe that Vibram makes. And, because it’s a laced model, it’s an excellent choice for the first time buyer. It is much easier to put on and can fit a wider range of foot shapes. The upper is soft and extremely pliable and the sole design provides excellent grip but is comfortable. It’s also a great choice for those who want a casual shoe and one that doesn’t stand out as much because it resembles a traditional sneaker.

The “Spyridon” is also a very comfortable model however it is a little more difficult to put on than the laced models because you can’t open them as much and need to “work” your foot a little to get it through the opening as your getting your toes into the pockets. I find the even bottomed sole design to be Vibram’s most comfortable and the little extra effort is well worth it. However it also allows you to get the most tailored fit of any style because the hook-and-loop strap adjusts across the top of the foot as well as behind the heel. Because of this design, the fit is very comfortable but it’s also the best design for keeping your foot in place when under stress such as when running or doing extreme exercises.

I started wearing them for health reasons, though you will find as many articles saying they don’t help as those that extol their benefits, and ended up making them the only shoes I wear because they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. However in order to acheive maximum comfort, accurate sizing is crucial. I’ve tried other minimalist footwear, such as Fila’s Skele-toes, but I think when it comes to buying minimalist footwear the old adage “you get what you pay for” was never more true. In my opinion, Vibram’s Five Fingers are the ultimate minimalist footwear!

Only two Mens sizes?!?! :frowning:

It depends on the model. I’ve tried only the Bikila LS and the KMD Sport LS and own both. The LS models are for those with wider feet and it has the lacing system. I wear a size 11.5 in regular shoes and the 11.5 which is the 44 in Vibram world fits me perfect. I bought the KMD Sport with the velcro strap and returned it because the strap could only go halfway to 3/4 of the way and just wasn’t comfortable. if you have wider feet, go for the LS. And yes, this is a great deal. I usually buy mine on 6 (hope I’m allowed to say that) for around this price or less than what they normally go for.

I got the Spyridions the last time they were offered, my second pair of Five Fingers. I love them, and they are great for trail walking/running. Plenty of tread to protect my feet. I don’t have any trouble putting them on. Both pairs rub my heels, though, and I have to put a bandaid over the spot or it will rub raw. These fit true to size in my Five Fingers size, as determined by their measuring instructions.

First time I wore them, I decided to run my usual 4 mile circuit. And of course, because I was told they improve your gait, I deliberately ran like a gazelle and my heel didn’t strike the ground 90% of the time. BIG MISTAKE. It’s taken a week for them to fully recover, and only yesterday were they strong enough to try again. I eagerly await the day my legs heal fully, so that I may put them to the REAL TEST. However, I can confirm that these really help my running economy: that first time I ran, my lungs and heart kept up fine; it was my legs that were failing. This means that all the cardio I’ve been doing has been fine, but my technique’s been so crappy that my muscles haven’t kept up.

We’ll see about that!