Vibram Men's FiveFingers CVT-Wool

I love Vibram FiveFingers (VFF) and own almost one of each style they make, but have multiples in the styles I like the best. My favorites are without a doubt their MR (MudRunner) series, but also love my KSO, KSO EVO and TrekSports. However, I don’t have a pair of CVT Wool but have been thinking about getting a pair so I was just lucky to see this offering! I mean, for those of us who take off our shoes as soon as we get home, who prefer to be barefooted whenever possible, VFF’s are a godsend. The biggest benefit the invention of VFF’s gave to barefoot lovers was the ability to enjoy the freedom throughout the day because it eliminated the single biggest issue with going barefoot, which is stepping on something “bad”! Unlike other comments I’ve seen regarding size variations in the brand, every one of my 50+ pairs are size 42 with the only variations being in the benefits and differences between sole designs, compounds and variations in thicknesses. Some upper designs and materials are also more comfortable than others, but every pair fits my foot length exactly the same. I began wearing them them early on when two of my doctors, who wore them in the hospital, suggested I give them a try following leg surgery. There was a class action lawsuit filed by a woman who objected to Vibram’s advertising stating they were a more healthty option to regular shoes because she said Vibram didn’t have data to support their claim. She won the suit because Vibram indeed didn’t have imperical data at the time, but that’s not to say their claims were wrong. I, as almost any VFF wearer, find them to be the most healthful and comfortable option for our feet. I find it funny when I hear people who’ve never worn them denegrate them. I mean, we were born barefooted and, except for stepping on something nasty, I don’t know why the norm seems to be to squeeze our feet into a pair of shoes that prevent certain lower leg muscles from being used, which atrophy as a result, and prevent our feet and toes from being able to splay normally. The other benefit I really love is they promote walking on the balls of my feet which is much easier on my joints than the heel strike method that I, and most people, experience when wearing regular shoes. Oh well, sorry for going on so. I just love VFFs and think most who “try them” feel the same.

Just an FYI, if you really want to get an accurate rendition of these colors, look at them on Amazon. I’m so fortunate to have purchased the last navy/grey pair in size 42. In fact, as of this note, there were only three sizes left in the navy/grey.

So, how do I figure out the size I need? In a shoe, I wear an 11.

This might be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen…

Look under Specs and they have a conversion chart.

I have a pair of nylon ones I got at Academy. I won’t wear them in public because they’re too hideous. I wear them if I have to go out in the backyard.

Earth Shoes of this era.

Yeah, I once had long hair; craziest thing. A friend of mine was messing around and asked if she could braid my hair. She braided it into around twenty foot and a half long braids. I’ve never felt a hairstyle so absolutely comfortable. God I still remember that feeling. Fantastic. But hell if I was going to go around looking like that. I ended up cutting it all off and stayed that way since.
I also bought some five fingered shoes from Vibram too. Yeah, count on pretty much the same thing. Damn comfortable, but not the kind of attention you’d want in public.

I wish I had seen your query sooner, but DO NOT use the provided specs. There is only one sure way to determine your size and that’s by measuring your bare feet and using the length of the longest one to determine the correct size. Accurate sizing is critical to get their full benefits and insure a good experience. Vibram used to provide a much better size chart using foot length in inches but, unfortunately, that’s not the chart shown under specs because it’s using U.S. shoe size which, in my case, is wildly inaccurate. I wear a size 10 in U.S. shoe size which, according to the chart means I should buy a 43 or 44, but my longest foot measures 10.5" so I actually take a 42 VFF. And I can tell you, these are made to fit as closely as possible so you need to be as exact as possible, which is why there are so many “good/accurate” charts available online that use your foot measurements. If you’re off by one size you’ll have a bad experience for two reasons. First, each shoe has a heel cup with a low spot to “locate” the wearer’s foot. Second, when your heel is seated properly, you want the toes on your longest foot to be just shy of touching the inside of the end of each toe pocket. Since the best fit is as described, another variable will be whether you want to wear toe socks or go barefooted. The size you get by measuring your feet will be the size you want if you go barefoot, you should go up one size if you plan on wearing Injinji, or other brand of socks. I only go barefooted. I tried toe socks and hated them because they ruined the whole barefoot feel for me. With proper fit and without socks I forget I’m even wearing them, but with socks I was constantly aware of them because the socks allowed my foot to move somewhat inside the shoe, even if only slightly. I know others have written they like socks so … to each their own.

HERE is one site I found that shows a more accurate size chart. There’s also a number of YouTube videos, LIKE THIS ONE in which Vibram shows you how to measure your feet for their shoes and still others, LIKE THIS ONE that talk about what to expect if you’re even one size off. You can find these sites by searching for “Vibram Five Fingers Sizing”. I hope this information helps. But again, I strongly encourage any first time buyers to measure their feet, as described in the YouTube video, to determine their size rather than use the provided chart.

Sorry, but I can’t disagree more. I get many many comments about mine but, as yet, not a single negative one. I mean if you don’t like to talk with strangers you may not want to wear these because you will get stopped often by people wanting to know how you like them, or questions about how they feel, etc. But what happens 90% of the time is someone saying “Hey, I like your shoes” or “Cool shoes!” as they pass by. Granted some of the comments might be meant to be sarcastic I guess but I’ve never once felt that was their intent because their comment is often meant to start a conversation where they show genuine interest and ask numerous questions. Recently, as I was sitting at an ice cream stand eating my cone I noticed the wife of a probably 70 year old couple staring at my shoes. She prompted her husband to look before finally asking me how I liked them, how they feel, where they can go to look at them, etc. She finally asked if I’d write down the website address so they could look at them. And the pair I was wearing at the time have army green uppers with bright orange soles! Now I’m sure there are likely some folks who don’t like their looks but, thus far, they’ve kept those thoughts to themselves. I will say this phenomenon has increased dramatically in just the last few years so maybe VFFs are losing any negative stigma they may have had originally. Anyway, strangers showing positive interest and receiving compliments were not something I expected when I started wearing VFFs but it’s really added a very pleasant component to wearing them.

Just noticed that the sales map by state also corresponds to areas of Big Foot sightings.

The truth is out there.

Are you in some way implying Big Foot prints are made by someone wearing VFFs?.. because except for the tread pattern, VFF wearers would leave prints with toes. But as far as a Big Foot goes, I don’t think Vibram makes VFFs that big, and doubt Big Feet can get online. Do you refer to multiple Big Foot as Big Feet?