Vibram Men's & Women's FiveFingers

Why must you always tease me, with these shoes? I’ve been wanting a pair of the CVTs, for a while, and in that color.

I have two pair of the EL-X’s, one all black and the other in the orange and gray (shown). They are extremely light and flexible with a very thin and even bottomed sole . You’ll feel every little thing underfoot and I wear them around the house in place of socks or slippers. But it’s kinda nice to be able to just walk out of the house at any time without giving any thought to changing footwear. Their only downside is the elastic opening will occassionally make my Achilles tendon sore.

I have three pair of the SeeYa-LS’s and wear them a lot. They are very light and comfortable. And since the uppers are made of a mesh material they allow for excellent air circulation. Not so good for cool temperatures or wet conditions though. The SeeYa models are unique in that they have a front sole (pad) and a rear sole (pad) that are thicker than the EL-Xs sole and the pads are connected by an instep made from an extremely flexible material that actually allows them to be rolled up for packing. You again will feel most everything underfoot, just a little less than the EL-X.

I have two pair of the CVT-LS, the olive and orange shown and a light gray pair. Their soles are by far the thickest of the three styles, are even bottomed and are VERY comfortable. And the thicker soles mean you won’t feel much underfoot. The uppers are a very thin and compliant solid material that conforms nicely to your foot. They are called “convertibles” because the material behind the heel can be pushed forward and worn beneath your heel (stood on) or they can be left in their normal upright position like a normal shoe, which is the way I prefer.

It continually amazes me what people, of all ages, will say about any pair of VFF’s I wear like, “Oh, I love those shoes, I’ll bet they are really comfortable” or “Oh, I’ve seen those, I’ve always wanted to try a pair” and I can’t tell you how many times younger people just say “Cool shoes!” as they pass by. The other type of comments are generally questions like “Ya know I’ve been wanting to try a pair of those, are they as comfortable as they look?” I have yet to get a negative comment of any kind, from anyone, at least not so I could hear. The very last time I wore my green and orange CVT-LSs an elderly couple (65 - 70 I’d guess) kept asking questions until finally the guy’s wife handed me a pen and an envelope from her purse and asked if I would write down the style and were I bought them.

Anyway, as you can tell, I’m a huge fan and VFF’s are all I wear. Just want to let anyone thinking about trying their first pair know there are “major” differences between the different styles! Hopefully these descriptions will help newbies choose the style that will best fit their needs so as to help make their first experience a pleasant one. GO VIBRAM!

Will these work for wide sizes as well?

In that case, I would recommend you try them on somewhere in person to make sure of your size before ordering here since we don’t take returns on wrong sizes ordered.

All of the VFFs are flexible and can accommodate a decent range of widths. The EL-X would probably be the best choice if you aren’t certain. I’ll also note they run true to size.

The suggestion to try them on before buying, if possible, would be your best bet. If you can’t, I would suggest any of the LS (Lacing System) styles. First, the fact they are laced allows a greater lattitude for the uppers to “open” up to accommodate varying widths and second, the lacing system will allow you to better control their tightness and ultimately your comfort. Just my opinion but, I don’t think I would recommend the EL-X style. I own 35 pair of VFFs and can tell you the EL-X’s are unique among the VFF line. The overall comfort of almost all VFFs is “controlled” using the lacing system or the hook and loop closure system. The one thing I don’t like about my EL-X’s is that I have no way of controlling their comfort. The opening is elastic and, as I mentioned in my earlier post, that elastic is tight enough on me that they often make my Achilles tendons sore were the elastic hits them after wearing them for a while. In that I’m not alone. I’ve read numerous reviews of those experiencing that same issue. And, unlike all my other VFFs, I can’t control their comfort, there is no mechanism. For someone with a wider foot, I think your having a mechanism to control their fit and comfort would be crucial. Likewise, the uppers of the EL-X are a firm elastic which is very snug on my slightly narrow foot and again, without a mechanism to help adjust for width, I’m afraid you may find them too constrictive. And without a means of adjusting them, if you did find them too constrictive, you’d be out of luck Again, just one person’s opinion.

Good info! I ordered a pair of the CVT-LS and am glad to hear they have a thicker sole so it will be a good alternative to my Men’s Speed pair I picked up a while back. Im always surprised I don’t see more people wearing these, so comfortable.

This pretty much mirrors my experience. I have three pairs of Vibrams and was hoping to add an EL-X 46 or 47 with this deal, but they’re out of that size. :frowning:

Come to think of it… the only negative comments I get are from friends and family, actually.