Vibram Women's CVT LS, 3 Colors

WOW, what a deal! I’m a man who owns 39 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) shoes (Ya, I know!) but thought I would add my 2 cents here anyway for anyone not familiar with these. I own three pair of these, one in every men’s color offered, because these are probably the most comfortable VFF there is. They have the thickest sole of any VFF and the upper is an extremely comfortable and thin pliable material. Both of these things are what make them so comfortable and, in addition to their look, makes them a great casual shoe. Also, they’re convertibles, which means you can fold the back portion forward and stand on it with your heel or leave it up and wear them like a standard shoe, which is my choice. So if this would be your first pair of VFFs or if you’re looking to get a comfortable pair of casual shoes, these would be an outstanding choice, and to be able to get these for $19.99 … WOW!