Vick’s Jr Digital Oral Thermometer

that will make a great stocking stuffer… neh

lol at first I thought to myself WOH THIS IS NOT PG RATED!, and then I realized oh that is just the case for what they’re really selling.

How thoughtful woot, it is that time of year again, and i just so happen to need one!!!

if you don’t order then i hope you get a nasty cold so you can sneeze!!!

in for 3

Cool, I’ve been meaning to get a thermometer…

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Vick’s Jr Digital Oral Thermometer
$2.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Vicks V938 Vick’s Jr Digital Oral Thermometer

mmmmmmmm. respiffed!

That’s not where these go …

so… these work fine on adults, right?

This thing has a “replaceable battery”. Anyone know what kind?

Sure, but you might need an adapter.

The person at Woot! who has a temperature of 91.7 needs to see a doctor cause i’m pretty sure that isn’t healthy

A) These are probably one time use.
B) Battery is sealed and probably not replaceable
c) These could be disposable once the battery dies
D) Dose not mention what type of battery
E) Could be like those flashlights you shake to charge the battery :slight_smile:

Looking at descriptions elsewhere it seems as though the battery is replaceable. Also, it looks like there’s a button there at the end of the thermometer (to the right of the temperature reading) that’s probably an on/off switch.

Instant thermometers are great for college kids. I know I used mine a number of mornings when I was trying to figure out if I was sick and would feel worse as the day went on, or if I was hadn’t slept well and was getting hit by allergies. I’d put something like this in any get-well kit along with some tylenol/advil, benadryl, tums/pepto bismol, and other such goodies.

The kind that let’s you throw a $3 thermometer away when it dies.

I’ve had a digital thermometer for like 10 years in a drawer - the batteries just died this year. Get 3 - it will be cheaper than any “hearing aid” battery this might take.

91.7 degrees wow must be dead!

What’s the difference in an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer…

…the taste

As long as the adult is aged 5 or up… Do they mean in dog years or maturity level?

91.7 isnt dead, just hypothermic

in 4 3