Victoria Classics Bedding Sets

Can we get these with the line down the middle? That way, I can tell the girlfriend to stay on her side of the bed and if she crosses the line I will tell on her.

The specs are wrong on the Carmella set. The measurements given for Queen size are really Full size specs. I would really like to know the correct size for Queen.

Thanks for catching the typo. The sale has been updated to reflect the correct dimensions.

I just got the package yesterday … I am so upset with Woot. I ordered the Carmella set and I thought it was a great deal however when i got the package I found that the pillows inside the bag (the clear bag where all this stuff comes) were all dirty, in fact they were filthy that not even 1 wash would be enough. The so advertised “SOFT” 100% polyester was not soft at all and it looked cheap and it was going to rip any second. If this event comes again DO NOT BUY THIS. I paid 85 dollars for something that I won’t used and I’m looking forward to return it.

I am so sorry for the condition of the bedset. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.