Victorinox 3-Piece Cutlery Set

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Victorinox 3-Piece Cutlery Set
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Tons and tons of good reviews for the Chef Knife

Time to check out the product page for the pairing knife


I have been using the chef’s knife for years and it is the best knife ever. Holds an edge and is very comfortable to use.

This past Christmas I purchased for myself a full set of Victorinox-Forshner knives mostly based upon the recommendations of “Cooks Illustrated” magazine. Here’s a link to their Chef’s Knife review:

These are great knives and the Chef’s Knife alone normally sells for $40.

I can’t say enough about these knives…registered for them as a wedding present 4 years ago, and I just bought another set here because of the great value. I’m going to gift them to a bro-in-law just because I want to bring this level of knife-joy to his life. The chef’s knife is the greatest ever!!!

I bought these at full price a few months ago and can attest to the fact that they are in fact great knives.

I use this paring knife daily, and one of these chefs knives is my go-to travel knife for events. This is a good enough deal that I’ve considered buying the max of 3 just to keep them in waiting.

I also have this chef’s knife and love it! I also bought it based on Cook’s Illustrated’s recommendation and was so happy that I did. I paid around $20 - 25 I think for just the chef’s knife on Amazon, but that was four years ago.

AMAZING KNIVES…best knives bang for the buck ever !!! I know many chefs that work in the NYC area and these are the “go to” work horse knives they use…can be easily made super sharp with little effort and hold an edge for a long time…go for it !!!

The honing steel is pointless for most people. (You’ll do better with this.) The knives are fantastic but the price is only $3 less than if you bought the paring and chef’s knives on Amazon, right?

These are actually great knives for the money. I have the 10" chef’s knife and the paring knife for my roommates to use, since they’ll stand up to use and abuse better than my good Japanese knives (and I’ll be less likely to kill someone for being careless with them).

The chef’s knife is great, I bought it separately from Amazon some time ago, as it was the best reviewed chefs knife on there at the time. It’s got a great price point, it handles well and stays nice n sharp with proper maintenance.

Speaking of proper maintenance, I wouldn’t bother with this deal simply because you’re paying more for the old-school sharpener. Much better to get a V-sharpener (don’t know the actual name but example here). This kind of sharpener makes it easy to sharpen properly and safely.

Wow, I’m really tempted to get this even though I’ve already got the chef’s knife and the steel. The chef’s knife alone is usually about $40.

This set is pretty much all you need for a knife set in the kitchen. No need for a block full of random blades.

This chef’s knife is great. You really can’t beat it for the price… I bought the 8" Fibrox chef’s knife for $40 on Amazon just by itself. It doesn’t have a fancy damascus blade or wood grain handle like some of my Wustof or Henckels knives, but it is SHARP, keeps an edge for a long time, and then handle is very non-slip (soft rubbery material) that makes it my go to knife anytime I’m cutting something like bone or a hard vegetable like a squash. This simple 3-piece set, along with a pair of kitchen shears, could be all the cutlery you need in the kitchen.

My review from Amazon:

I use the chef’s knife and a basic sharpening steel like the one offered here. Those V-groove sharpeners are not what you want on this kind of blade. The angle it makes is all wrong and it removes too much material (which I know, that is necessary to sharpen). The honing steel serves a different purpose. As you use the knife the very edge gets bent up. The honing steel corrects and re-aligns the blade to KEEP it sharp. If you use the honing steel before or after each use, you’ll likely never need to sharpen the blade.

To put a good edge on, use something like this:

I use this to sharpen to a very fine edge but maintain my knife with the honing steel. Razor sharp with each use.

I have to add my praise for these as well. I have both a 10" chef’s and a 14" butcher Victorinox knifes. The chef has a really nice curve and makes chopping fun and fast. I have to think the 8" will be shaped nicely as well.

The butcher’s knife is great for slicing up whole pork loins or trimming tri-tip (too bad that one’s not part of the offer!)

These knives do take and hold an edge very well. I can hone them until they will shave the hair off my forearm. But, rarely have I had to hone either knife. A few strokes on the steel and you are good to go!


Can confirm, this is probably the best knife for the money. I’ve owned the 8" chef for seven years and it’s been the workhorse in my kitchen. I’ve only sharpened it twice in its life, only because I felt like it, not because it was in terrible shape or anything. I tend to use it more often than two Globals I own.

This is very bad advice. A honing steel and a sharpener do very different things. A honing steel doesn’t remove material, it aligns the blade back into shape. A sharpener abrades and removes material.

If you’re not going to use a honing steel on a regular basis, you’re better off buying a set of cheap Ginsu serrated knives.