Victorinox 3-Piece Cutlery Set

Tons and tons of good reviews for the Chef Knife


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Victorinox 3-Piece Cutlery Set
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I have the two knives (and the bread knife)… all are awesome.

Anyone know the Rockwell C hardness?

I have four of their knives and absolutely love them.

8" Only quality steel x50CR MO composition with a Rockwell hardness of 55-56 HRC for high edge retention.

These are excellent, and the price is solid. Basically, if you need kitchen knives, this is a buy.

Granted, it isn’t high-end cutlery, and these pieces will NOT blow you away with their fit and finish, but they will cut better than knives costing A LOT more.

In fact, Victorinox knives with Fibrox handles (like the Chef knife in this set) can be seen in a lot of restaurant kitchens, as they’re widely known as reliable, affordable workhorses.

Also, the knives with Fibrox handles are NSF-compliant, and the grip is actually quite good when using the knife with wet hands. (Fibrox is basically just a really grippy plastic. When dry, it has a slightly rough texture.)

(Note that in this set, the honing steel and the pairing knife don’t have Fibrox handles; for whatever reason, Victorinox doesn’t make the smaller pairing knives or honing steels with Fibrox handles.)

Put it this way: the head chef of Eleven Madison Park - one of the top restaurants in the world - uses Victorinox knives. If it’s good enough for him…

Here are comments from July’s sale

Most of those reviews are by fans of America’s Test Kitchen who have never used the knives they are comparing this one to. ATK puts a lot of weight on value and named this chef’s knife a “best buy”, not “best knife ever”.

I bought this chef’s knife for my parents a few years ago so I’d have something I could use when I visited them and not want to stab someone, so I’ve used it a good bit. It is useable and much better than what they had before.

It’s a decent knife, especially for the money. It’s sharp and the balance is acceptable. If this is how much you want to spend on a knife, then I have no qualms recommended it.

I think you can, however, do better if you want to spend more money. The knife is very light and the blade is thin. The balance could be better. Unless you are going to spend time sharpening it (that’s not what the included steel does), the edge could be better.

Meh. These are ok. They’re cheap knives. If you’re on a budget and need a decent chef’s knife, it will work. As a chef, you see these knives in kitchens as a sort of house knife. The beater knife. Is it the knife a chef is going to pull out of his own bag? Nope. My advice is to spend more and get more. You won’t outgrow a fine knife, but you will outgrow this knife. And then you’ll be buying a better one. Buy cheap and pay twice or spend a little more and pay once.

Right. These are not the best knives in the world… but they will cut way, way better than knives this inexpensive should cut, and they will cut better than some very expensive knives.

Regarding your last comment (about sharpening), however, I have three Victorinox knives, and my wife and I use them several times per week. We’ve had them for about a year, and I have not had them sharpened; all I’ve done is run them over a honing steel, probably once every month or two. That’s it. A few passes over the steel does make a noticeable difference.

Amazing knives for the money. Would make a great gift for someone getting serious about cooking, but who does not yet have good knives.

A good friend of mine Is a chef at a top restaurant In NYC and he uses these Victorinox knives ever day on the job along with his ultra expensive Handmade Japanese Seki City steel for special food preparation but he prefers the cheap stamped Victorinox 8 & 10 Inch chefs knives for everything else and recommended them to me. I bought the 10 Inch version on Amazon 3 months ago and love It. It easily out performs my 3 times the price Wustoff chefs knife, Is easy to sharpen, and holds an edge for a very long time. This 3 piece set is an absolute bargain!

I got my husband the whole set. It’s recommended in Fine Cooking over other super expensive brands. It’s affordable, stays sharp. Even the steak knives amaze me. If only this were the meat cleaver he’s been wanting!


I’ve had this set along with their 6" utility knife for 2 years now. Unless you want to spend the money on quality German or Japanese knives, go ahead and get this set. They hold an edge, even with my wife carelessly throwing them in the sink when she’s done, and I can get them sharp easily enough when the honing steel isn’t enough. I don’t really care for the pairing knife though, it doesn’t feel a whole lot better than a cheap one you’d pick up at the local mart. I just picked up the Henckle knives that were on hear earlier this week, I’m curious how they’ll compare.

Please bring this deal back soon!