Victorinox Chef's, Black Fibrox, 6 in

Victorinox Chef's, Black Fibrox, 6 in

I swear by the victorinox fibrox knives after some really good reviews by America’s Test Kitchen and others. They are excellent compared to similarly-priced knives you find at big box stores. I’ve even bought a handful as afterthought/grab bag/hard-to-buy-for gifts over the past few years and everyone tells me how much they love using them. They come out of the package nice and sharp, take and hold an edge well (use 15° if you have some stones or a sharpener) and I personally like how grippy and well-shaped the handles are, even for my large hands.

(nitpick time) but I think the 6" is probably the least-used Victorinox knife I own. The 8" is a great workhorse and the 3" paring/5" chefs are very useful small slicing knives. But the 6" is just a longer 5", in terms of blade shape, so there’s more flex in this blade than any of the others and it’s a little too long to be handy. And if you’re slicing veggies along your cutting board, I find it’s not really tall enough to use more than the last ~inch of edge towards the tip.

This is a reasonable discount on the 6", it’s been $24 on the mothership for at least a few years.


being a chef, I’d agree.But I’m partial to Wooden Handle knives. as the plastic tends to slip when wet while cutting veggies and such. I just bought a 6" from Amazon last month.