Victorinox Cutlery Sets - 4 Styles

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Victorinox Cutlery Sets - 4 Styles
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Check out the product page for the 8" chef’s knife

I already have these three pieces (and a bread knife of the same company) and they are excellent. If you are not concerned with displaying them as show pieces, they get the job done remarkably well. Highly recommend.

I have the 8" chef’s knife and the bread knife from the Fibrox line and you really can’t beat them, especially considering the price. I did massive amounts of research before deciding to get into the fibrox line, and they come out on the top of most lists of budget knives. The steel is an amazing quality that I believe Victorinox uses on many of their much pricier lines of knives (that come with prettier handles)

The texture on the grip isn’t overly aggressive, but I can confidently get a solid grip on the knife with wet and soapy hands. My older wood-handled knives would feel slippery when these knives have a solid, comfortable grip. Also, the grip on the chef’s knife isn’t huge! I have small-average sized hands for a man, and some knives feel like I’m gripping the business end of a baseball bat!

I’m a professional chef and the Victorinox chef knives are the best value around. I keep one in my knife bag.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need. For cooking, you need a chef knife, a pairing knife, and something with a serrated scalloped edge for breads. For eating, a steak knife. That’s all you need.

I can vouch for these knives, as I have several. While they apear to be very basic in appearance, and they are inexpensive, they are surprisingly high quality. I’ve had their chef’s knife for years. It’s easy to keep razor-sharp and It keeps pace with more expensive ones. The chef’s knife is THE knife of choice for America’s Test Kitchen. Check out the video below where they rate expensive carbon steel knives, and they compare the Victorinox blade with a $300 Zwilling J.A. Henckels carbon-steel blade (Fast forward to 3:15). It really shows the tremendous value that the Victorinox knives offer.

Thanks for the great QP post. I’m buying, based on this!!

These are good knives. I have owned them in the past while working in kitchens and they do re sharpen well over and over again.

do you think it’s worth getting the one with the sharpening steel?

I have both the 3 piece sets - the chef’s knife, pairing knife and honing steel and the set with the santoku knife, utility knife and peeler. I also have another one of the chef’s knives (yes, I have to exactly the same), a boning knife, and a bread knife.

That’s all in addition to several Hinkle, Wustof, Shun and other high-end knives that are several hundred dollars each.

And yet, most of the time, I find myself reaching for these Victorinox knives. They hold an edge, they’re comfortable to use, they’re easy to clean and they hold up really, really well.

The 3-piece chef’s knife set is really a good bargain. It’s listed on Amazon for $54.99 and Woot is selling for $39.99 (plus flat $5 shipping on the whole order). The santoku set isn’t quite as good a bargain but I recommend you get both.

I have them both and they make the perfect knife set for almost anything you could think of… sure you might eventually add a bread knife or a boning knife or something, but these will get you through just about anything you could think of cooking.