Victorinox Cutlery Sets - 4 Styles

I’ve had the 8" victorinox fibrox chef’s knife as well as the bread knife for most of the past year, and they are absolutely astounding.

Victorinox uses pretty much the same blades of many of their different lines, and the fibrox is their “industrial” line made to be cheap for use in professional kitchens and such. I give the chef’s knife a quick steel when I take it out of the box, and just earlier this evening it made very quick work for cubing raw chicken, mincing garlic, and vegetable prep.

Fantastic knives on the cheap - function over form all the way, good steel and great for people that think forged knives are a bit heavy and unwieldy. The handles are perfect for the traditional pinch grip.

The chef/paring/steel set will handle 90% of cutting tasks in most kitchens and is a great minimalist choice for $40.

Same general care that would apply to other knives is applicable here - hand wash and dry them shortly after use (don’t put them in the dishwasher!) and give them a few licks with the honing steel before you start cutting for best performance.