Victorinox Luggage

If you want luggage that holds up very well, get this. I’ve had Victorinox luggage for over 9 years, and it still looks good. About 7 of the 9 years, I spent traveling through airports at least every other week, and it’s held up extremely well. Prices look really good too.

Is there a particular size that is like… maximized for carry-on harmony?

The 25.5" might work, YMMV. Most airlines say 23-24".

Not great reviews on Overstock.

Hey woot person…looks like folks are looking for carry-on luggage around here (including myself for a trip later this year). Here are a few details of some of the airlines dimensions for carry-on (L x W x H):

Southwest Airline: 24"x16"x10"
American Airlines: 22"x14"x9"
Delta Airlines: 22"x14"x9"
United Airlines: 22"x14"x9"

The most common accepted looking above seems to be: 22"x14"x9"

It might behoove you to find some carry-on luggage that fits these dimensions even if they are smaller. Try not to go above the measurements in any area, even 0.5" over since some airlines are very literal on this.

Those who travel other airlines (ie. some of the international ones), please list what their carry-on dimensions are if they are different than any of the ones above. This way woot can know what to look for.

I hope one of the buyers for woot products to sell will see this! Even some cute kid rolling carry-on luggage (not tiny things…we still want to maximize the packing space even in our kids’ carry-on rolling luggage) would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening…are you listening? Knock, knock…anybody…Bueller…That’s ok, nobody listens to me here at home either. I’m going to go take a shower.

@buyitjody: Thanks for taking the time to post a great request. I’ve sent it on to our luggage buyer!