Victorinox Luggage

Will it fit in an overhead compartment?

What is the weight of the duffel bag in itself?

The dimensions are on the specs tab. You can compare the one you’re interested in to the guidelines for your airline.

These are great bags. I have the Seefeld from a previous woot and it’s remarkably light. The thing I don’t like about it is that the middle of the interior has space taken up by the large, retractable handle. It has to go somewhere obviously, but it takes a lot of space inside.

I bought the Pine 25.5" one last time around. It is fantastic. Took four day trip and shared my bag with my spouse. Plenty of room for all our stuff. It feels very sturdy and everything worked smoothly. Would definitely recommend.

Bought the Maroon 25" suitcase last time. Have used it twice and it is very nice. Rolls really smoothly without the imbalance issues I would get with other cases. The internal straps are nice for holding everything snug while carrying it around.

This is a big step up over my cheapo yardsale suitcase I had before.