Victrola Aviator 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable

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Victrola Aviator 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable
Price: $104.99
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What’s a “cassette DESK?”
Perhaps it’s a “cassette deck?”
(Prob not equipped with an auto proof-reader or Otto Correct)

But the product still looks good enough to order. Thx.

We have an older version of these without the CD player or Bluetooth that we picked up new for $15.00 at our local Goodwill. Our good luck as it was unused and still in the original box.

If you have an old collection of vinyl (records, not kinky clothing), then this is a really nice player. It’s not audiophile-grade, but the wood construction provides a great ‘warm’ sound that vinyl is reputed to have and the entire thing is well constructed with a very ‘classic’ look to it.

Other than the fact that I cannot vouch for the Woot price, I can say that we very much do enjoy ours.

Piece of junk. Do not buy it. Every function has issues. We had to replace the cartridge on the needle, the CD player makes rattling noises and the tape player also doesn’t work well.

What are its dimensions?

Probably ceramic cartridge, not magnetic, and not a great needle. Most vinyl worshippers will not use these.

Spelling is herd. But I’ve fixed the mistake!

I’ve been tinkering (hint on my age!) around with my old albums and records from the 50’s, and 60’s because I just moved and found a couple of boxes that I hadn’t looked at in years. I gave my record players to my grandkids years ago. So when I saw this setup, I didn’t hesitate. I really don’t care about the sound fidelity (can’t hear that well anyway) so much as I do about just being able to play them.

I had one very much like this that was given to me. It worked well enough for what it is, with one key flaw: No outputs. Too stupid for words. Why oh why would they not put AT LEAST a line output if not a USB output. If it had either of those, you could record the LPs on your computer, or at least run it through a bigger amp. So stupid.

I’m guessing the Bluetooth is incoming only, i.e., no output to other devices?

Dimensions have been added. Sorry about that.

Everything I’m finding points to the BT being “IN” only.

It’s not a “really nice player” by any stretch of the imagination and should be avoided if you care about your albums even the slightest bit. This has no tracking weight adjustment and non-existent QA, guaranteeing the weight will be far too heavy and shredding your vinyl every play. If you’re going to buy a dirt-cheap turntable the Audio Technica AT-LP60 is the only one worth considering, but even then you should really spend more and get something actually decent around the $200 mark.

I got a chuckle when I read your reply. Of course this unit has none of those features - it’s a RECORD PLAYER not a turntable. LOL! And somehow I doubt I would be worried about a bunch of LPs we bought for $1-2/each would be worth spending anything over the $15 we paid for the player we bought from the Goodwill. There’s a reason why we migrated to digital all those years ago…

Ours sounds great and works just fine - best $15 we ever spent!

Sounds like that was taken from page 164 of the hipster handbook. :slight_smile:

Standard grade record players from back-in-the-day didn’t have those things and albums survived just fine. But somehow, 30+ years later records are delicate snowflakes that need to be pampered. (if a model of a record player had them, the owners didn’t know how to use them and so left it at factory settings)

There are quite a few videos on youtube debunking the myth of “shredding your vinyl every play”.

Page 165 from the same handbook makes mention of a 3 stage process for cleaning records each and every time before they are to be played with a post-playing process for storing the record after playing.

As long as the speed is accurate and consistent the player will be fine. Tracking weight of these things are generally within the range of consumer-grade record players of the day.

I also disagree with your assessment of the AT-LP60… it is a fine turntable. Significantly better than the consumer grade turntables of the time when records were the primary medium for music.

If this Victrola had mid-century styling instead of 30’s/40’s, I’d buy it. :slight_smile:

Well, this may or may not be relevant, you decide.

A little over a month ago I ordered the same unit (except mine was 7-in-1) from Amazon, today I shipped it back for repair after just one month. Suddenly became unresponsive and none of the buttons work. From the comments on amazon, my story is not too uncommon.

Also, in case you are nostalgic about the “victrola” branding, my unit looked identical but had no branding anywhere either on the unit or on the box. It DID have the branding on amazon when I ordered it. Just thought I’d mention it in case that matters to you

Typical of the all-in-one units. Ceramic cartridge, no tone arm adjustment. Had one of these years ago. It doesn’t treat your vinyl kindly, nor does it sound particularly good.

They did, and often came with a calibration album, and many of the players from the 70s/80s that didn’t have manually adjustable tracking weight did it automatically, a feature lacking from current <$150 players.

There are also quite a lot of significantly better informed posts on hydrogenaudio and vinylengine about these crap players that have ceramic carts that clip higher frequency ranges, come with bent styluses, and have wildly varying tracking weights ranging from 7-15g, when the high end for a decent player is 3-5g.

That’s completely untrue, there is little to no QA in the factory in China that produces most of these brands.

I didn’t say the AT-LP60 was bad, I just said that if you’re going to buy a turntable, you should spend a little more to get something a lot better, but if you are going to buy one for <$150, the AT-LP60 is the one you should consider.