Victrola Modern Bluetooth Turntable

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Victrola Modern Bluetooth Turntable
Price: $54.99
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
8/29/2017 - $59.99

Only available on amazon through sellers.
Cheapest one is $71.05 and that’s for the puke green version.

3.8 of 5 stars at amazon, so a pretty good deal at $54.99

Belt drive sounds cheap, and it is an inexpensive design, but it’s used on a lot of audiophile turntables.

It’s always a good thing (for sound quality) to see that an inexpensive turntable uses belt drive.

The only reasonable alternative is direct drive, and it’s very expensive to do a good direct drive.

The only reason to have a reasonably-priced direct drive is if you want to “scratch” your records, since belt drive turntables will be ruined if you try it. But the rest of the time, you’re living with a lot more noise than you’d get from belt drive.

A lot of bad 1 star reviews over at the mother ship.

Does anyone here have one that wishes to comment??

BS. DD properly done is no more noisy than a belt.

This type of tonearm/cartridge/needle is only good for scratching your vinyl, and with a belt drive you can’t even do that on purpose. I guess this one’s for people who think 128Kbps is “HiFi” and vinyl is groovy. They wouldn’t hear the noise of a direct drive even if there was one: iEarbuds just don’t have enough definition to reproduce it.

Does it come with a dust cover?

This does not come with a dust cover.

Upgrade your needle to a diamond to make this an even better deal.

DD or belt drive it doesn’t matter. Actually a belt is better at
isolating motor noise from the platter. In this case it doesn’t matter. This thing is a POS. Spend more and get something better unless all you want to play are beat up records which defeats the whole purpose

Does that mean there is no point in purchasing a better (diamond) needle? anyway, most of my vinyl is used; been stored for several years.

Received. Awful sound, even for $50.