Victrola VJB-125 Retro Desktop Jukebox

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Victrola VJB-125 Retro Desktop Jukebox
Price: $49.99
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Am i missing something or is this a $50 FM radio CD player? This cannot play my own mix (burned) CDs, it does not seem to play anything off of any other media like USB.
Wait, it has Bluetooth, so it can be a BT speaker. And it has 2 speakers, but does not say if it is stereo.
A stereo BT speaker would be great.

Seems to be a fair deal. Victrola web site mentions 10W stereo speakers. The manual says 5W+5W speakers.

Product manual:

Victrola: $99.99
Amazon: $74.88

There are an awful lot of no’s in the specs.

Can anybody find a video of the lights working?

Not a video, but a picture with the lights on here: Jukeboxes with Bluetooth & Mini Jukeboxes | Victrola

I was going to get one, but no remote was a deal breaker for me.