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Video Games On The Cheap!
Price: $7.99 - 19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
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Apparently Woot only caters to console peasants.

Probably because PC games don’t generally get physical releases any more. There’s a Steam Sale going on now if you want to buy more games on sale.

Personally, I’m tempted on Tales of Zestria but my backlog is already fairly large and it’s hard to get gaming time in when you have a newborn.

$5 shipping on a $7 game makes this a no go.

Jurassic World on Xbox One is still $50 in box stores. Even with $5 shipping, even with common core math, $22 sure beats $50.

Would totally recommend Metro Redux. Metro Last Light alone is worth it.

Xbox One Lego Jurassic World is $23.45 at

The PS4 version is $33.45

I love LEGO games. Jurassic World is a good game with lots of play time.

Oh wow you’re so elite because you spent $600 on a PC that can play video games instead of $400 on a console, let us worship you.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe…the picture shows the PS4 version but neither the Title dropdown nor the Specs tab says what console the game is for.

To confirm: it is PS4, right?

Lots of sites run sales for PC games very often, eg Ubisoft bundle is currently active at Humble Bundle.

Would also like to know this!

Dragon Quest Heroes is currently a PS4 exclusive

It’s not a typical Dragon Quest RPG. It’s a hack & slash game for a change. Don’t be expecting turn-based RPG this time around.

$600 ?? Maybe on just the video cards. PC gamers spend way to much money on their rigs because that is where they spend 99.999% of their time. I’ll gladly drop $400 dollars on a console because it does everything I need and …well because I have a life other than blowing farts and playing online with my other PC gaming buddys

ohhhh shots fired!!

Another quality post by YOU!
[ sarcasm off ]

I knew about that, but I didn’t know that it was PS4 exclusive. Thank you for the info!

Yes, it is PS4.