Video Games On The Cheap!

I believe woot is owned by Amazon now.

I prefer PC gaming simply because I am much better at mouse/keyboard movement/aiming, etc. than I am with a PS/XBox controller.

Of course, I need a PC for web development, vpn access to work, quicken financials, putty ssh to servers, as well. Its also fun to build them.

And I own an original Xbox and a Wii. Not sure why all the hate is flying around.

Okay let’s clear this up and everyone calm down because as everyone knows…people’s minds are changed frequently by online bashing.

What the gentleman said about 600$ for graphics cards alone is correct, serious gamers such as myself sink 2k or more into a custom rig because he’s its what we play…but more than that because it’s our Hobby to do so. You’re telling me you don’t sink thousands a year into your hobby whatever it may be? Ours just happens to be two-fold; we get to game on it and build/customize In our spare time.

However, I also own a ps4 and game about 20% of my time on consoles as well as there are things I appreciate playing on consoles more than mouse and keyboard (I.e. Destiny, the Assassins Creeds, etc).

I respect both for what they are, but please understand for serious gamers who are also videophiles nothing beats the quality and superiority of PC graphics over consoles. Not hating at all, as I said I love my PC and I love my PS4, but there is a difference if you’ve played enough games and measured frame rates and rendering to see the visible difference between the two.

Like the gentleman said above…humble bundle is amazing for pc gamers just like the current steam sales going on. So don’t make comments about woot not having anything for you…you just sound ignorant. To be honest if you came to woot searching for PC game deals…you’re in the wrong place to begin with.

Enjoy what woot has to offer and I agree about Metro Redux…it is absolutely amazing both the quality and storyline. Still worth the total price of 13$

$280 on Woot today.