Video Games On The Cheap!

Awww, man. No PC games? Sigh…

So I just went through the list and there are no games listed at $6.99.

shadow is a good game for $8

Some of these prices aren’t too bad. I’m guessing these are new games?

Yes, they are new.

And that is why you don’t put prices in the titles. I’ll ask for it to be fixed.

No PC games… -_-

Tales of Zesteria for 20 is solid. I already own it on PC but…

Just Dance: Disney Party 2? No thanks.

Now if it were Just Dance: Party at Phineas and Ferb’s I would be all over that.

The prices are great, but $5 shipping on ONE game is astronomical.

the only one i want is sold out.

are there any more dragon quest

I bought 2 games the last time these were offered. Metro Redux for my husband and Lego Jurassic World for my daughter (both PS4). My daughter was obsessed when it came in and played it non stop. My husband enjoys his game, too. When you look online elsewhere these games are decently priced. If you plan on buying more items then the $5.00 isn’t so bad. Also, the shipping was insanely fast.