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Video Games On The Cheap!
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Check out the product page for Forza 5

Come on, Woot. All the games I’m interested in I already own.

Lets see…I’ll get that one…wait, PS3. How about…nope, XBOX. That looks good…oh, PS4. Only one game for Wii. Well, crud…

I am part of the PC Master Race. No Xbox or Playstation here.

Godzilla in one game illustration? Is there a PC version?

LOL, well, you should own a better system then. Sorry, not trying to do a direct dig at you. It’s just hardly anyone wants a Wii anymore, so they aren’t going to make more games for it.

On a different note. On the Skylanders games, do they come with the portal as well or just the figures? My son would love it, but only has the portal from like Giants I think it is.

I hate that anyone paid for Sunset Overdrive. If you have Xbox Live Gold you will be getting it free in like 9 days.

Go dance your dance in another hall. Loser.

I own both a Wii U and PS4. Let’s not start a console war, because honestly, you buy the console for the games you want to play. If you like Nintendo’s First Party games, you BUY that system! Same with XBOX/PS4 (Except those two its more of a preference, as they rarely have exclusives)

There’s no games listed here for Wii/Wii U because most of their games are First Party or Exclusive (what they’re known for) and rarely end up in bargain bins.

Not to say Wii/U doesn’t have Junk (Oh, it does, just like every other console. Movie games, anyone?) there just isn’t any games on this listing.

Just came to say that Shadow of Mordor was a fantastic fantastic game. I loved the way the hierarchy worked and the how the baddies were connected, ive never seen that in another game and it lent to a LOT of replay value for me.

caveat - i played on pc

Twin 10 yo boys loooove Lego Jurasic world. It’s fun even if you haven’t seen the movies, but if you have, it’s even funnier. It didn’t take them too long to beat it, but they’re going back through multiple times to get the extras because they think it’s so funny. They also love playing as the different Dinos. Probably best to rent it if over 15, likely wouldn’t hold interest as long.

Quick Warning to Anyone looking at sunset overdrive it is being given out free with Games with Gold on Xbox one this month starting on the 16th

One important addendum to those mentioning the “free” Sunset Overdrive: If you ever cancel your Xbox Live Gold subscription, you lose access to the games on Xbox One. This was a big change from “Games with Gold” deal on Xbox 360.

The Skylanders figures only come with the figures. You have to buy the portal separately. My son loves the heck out of his.