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Does the HDTV video recorder require any fees like Tivo?

Umm, This is not a Deal Woot. Its $125 on Amazon right now. If you drop your price, I will consider it.

Totally dissappointed in Woot for offering an item at 50$ more than amazon. :frowning:

The price started dropping on amazon on December 5 and keeps dropping lower every day, i wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up after today though. if anyone wants this thing, buy now.

thanks woot! for getting me the best deal around on that digital stream. oh wait you didn’t.

Re: Digital Stream DPH-1000R HDTV Recorder
Not only does the price s$ck, it only has one ATSC(HDTV) tuner.

Bad, Bad, Bad.

Move on nothing to see here unless you like to give money away…

Get a Samsung GX-SM530CFif you want to save money from your cable company…

Boy Woot has become greedy now a days!!!

2 more greedy deals like this and I’m blacklisting on my router. Too bad for my 6 family members…

I just got one of those Samsung cable tuners, so far my bill has gone up about 10 bucks a month. Great cable box for cheap BUT at least in my market they add on a bogus Digital outlet fee to any customer owned box so be careful and double check the extra fees your provider may tack on. I also think the general monthly charges went up again as well but for me so far hasn’t saved any money:(

Is this thing (RCA Tablet) any good? No reviews on Amazon.

It seems like a really interesting concept, but without some more background it’s tough to make a case for it. Especially at $180. If we were talking $100, it might be worth a chance. Without knowing what reception will be like in your area, it’s tough shelling out money for this.

The RCA tablet/TV only has 512MB ram. Also, I doubt the TV reception would be very good without an attached antenna or cable. Like most items trying to be all things to all people this jack of all trades is master of none.