Video Test




We have a scuba diving cat!

In case you need to know, Safari.
Did fine on firefox too.
On an iBook


Hmmm . . . moving whiskers on a white triangle . . . or is Internet Exploder refusing to see what’s really there?


Dunno. Works fine in FF. I’ve seen that cat before, but the video runs just fine. :slight_smile:


Might be blocked here by Big Bro’.


You might not have a Flash video add-on installed for Internet Explorer. Or you might be running IE with add-ons disabled. My computer recently upgraded to IE7, and at first IE wouldn’t display the vid, showing whiskers revolving around the little white triangle. I downloaded an add-on from Adobe here, and enabled add-ons. Now it works.


I’m only authorized to use this piece of crap; not add or modify anything.


working fine with FF on winXP tablet


I think he is gone.

The thread is ours!!!

Oh, wait, I can start a thread anytime I want.


so what are you waiting for?


Got nothing to say.
I don’t like the game threads, except for last post.
There are already the two big talk threads.
Nothing left.


you can make something… be creative


Pet pics
Griping about kids
Griping about parents
People who deserve a smack to the head
Songs of our misspent youth
Star Trek for lone Trekkies
Stereo equipment hobby talk
wooter meetups: hug and kiss or not?


Empty nest…does it really exist, or is it just an illusion?
Will they ever leave and take their crap out of the house?

Qwertyuiop001 and FenStar who or what are they?


qwertyuiop001: “Would you like fries with that?”

FenStar: apprentice Lord of the Sith.
kt: master Lord of the Sith.


Ha-ha-HAAA! :happy:


Fen could have worse for a teacher. Not much. But…




Heh. I was just following the master sith conversation.

Frankly, I didn’t know what a “sith” was…I googled it and it came up with that image.

I wikipedia’ed it and Darth Vader is a specific sith…I assume that is what a regular sith would be…


That video was absolutely adorable