VideoSecu Articulated TV Wall Mount

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VideoSecu Articulated TV Wall Mount
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These are great! I installed one last summer into a concrete wall for use with a 50" TV. Took about 15 minutes. Very sturdy.

How easy is it to remove the tv from the mount? Does it slide into the bracket or is it more permanent? I have one on my screened in deck that I take down at times.

There is a square mounting plate that mounts to the back of your TV with screws (it has arms that can be added if you need it larger depending on the mounting holes on your TV). There are two small screws - on on each side - that lock that mounting plate to the tilt head on the end of the swing arm. Remove those screws and lift the TV up and off the end of the swing arm. All it takes is a Phillips screwdriver.

If you are handy, you can drill out the two holes for those locking screws and install a long pin as a quick-release with no tools.

Bought this from Amazon about 2 weeks ago to mount a 42" TV. Had it up and installed in minutes, and it feels sturdy enough that I’m not nervous about it hanging there, even in the extended position.

The way the plate rests on the hook plate and then gets locked into place works very well, so that it even installs easily without assistance.

I’m wanting to use this in an RV but it has a small cubby where an old tube tv used to go. Anyone have dimensions on the actual vertical mounting bracket?
Also, when this is collapsed, does it move straight in and out from the wall, or do the sections make it move to one side or the other? I don’t know how to be more specific, sorry. I need it to fit in the cubby, and extend out evenly. Also number two, how far out does it extend when pulled out fully? If that’s in the specs I’ll look again.

There are over 900 Q&A questions on Amazon. I didn’t go deep into them but found this one:

On the wall mount - what is the distance between the top holes and bottom holes?