ViewSonic 22" Full-HD Touch Smart Display

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ViewSonic 22" Full-HD Touch Smart Display
Price: $199.99
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OK reviews (3 out of 5 eggs) over at

I honestly just want this for the entertainment value - can’t wait to pull this out of my backpack in the airport. iPad mini? I think NOT.

I bought a couple of these a year ago for our companies tradeshow booth. Theyre pretty good for something like that. It is nice only having one thin power cord to deal with. Android is only 4.0 and its not lightning fast but it handles basic tasks just fine. Haven’t tried it as a touchscreen monitor for pc yet so I can’t comment on that. Bottom line: its great for simple use but dont expect a lot of performance out of it.

It says n/a for mac compatibility. Does that just mean there’s no special interface, or will it really not work as just an external monitor when I connect my macbook air via displayport-to-hdmi cable? Thanks in advance, you guys are always helpful!

Dual-core with 1GB ram was the standard 3 years ago, but you’re going to get sluggish performance most of the time. Especially with the processor pushing a display this big. If you only use it for occasional consumption it’s fine, but don’t make it your go-to device.

Summary: it should work.

I can’t speak with 100% confidence since I haven’t actually tested it, but I would be very surprised if it doesn’t work perfectly fine with your macbook air. HDMI is a pretty universal video standard nowadays; anything with an HDMI output should work with this display.

(I’m sure there are some weird exceptions, and I know there are fancy new versions of hdmi that carry ethernet and wax your car, but those aren’t relevant here)

It’s an Android tablet. No wait, it’s a computer display monitor. NO WAIT… it’s a HUGE TABLET. But what the heck is Dual Point Touch vs Multi Point Touch?? Woot! You’re such a Temptress.

Thru ViewSonic website outlet store - $273.00 + $9.41 shipping

Even better, plug in an earbud and pretend like the PC is the phone! Ha!

Can anyone assure me that this can be used as a drawing tablet?

would be nice to play android games on this… :smiley:

You would think that the fact that you can make all the hookups would mean that it will work. The reason this probably does not work with MAC’s could have to do with DRM and the DLNA spec. They are so determined to control the HDMI output that unless a device is listed and certified for use, the signal is blocked. This is NOTHING except dirty tricks, because APPLE has no reason to go through the certification process because it would cut into their monitor sales.

A few years ago, a device like this was very close to my “Holy Grail”. I wanted a desktop that would freely switch back and forth between Android and Windows…Well, I found one, The ASUS Transformer AIO (1801). It was actually a windows PC in the dock that shared a screen with an 18.5" Android tablet…They did not share files and Windows would only work in remote control mode when separated from the base…In other words, it was not much more capable than this, except that it included the PC…Admittedly, it was a nice PC, with 12 GB memory and an Intel Core i7 processor…OH, and it was also $1300 out the door.

It you take this and add a cheap desktop PC, you will have something close to what I had…

I may buy one of these just for the $199 Android tablet…

You are correct. Also, it may be as far as it can go as far as the Android version. Most of the latest versions . i.e. KitKat, and “L”, would require higher specs. That being said, I have a tablet running very happily on Gingerbread. It does not miss the later products at all and will run about 90% of apps.

So I have an Acer 21.5" Display unit with built in Android that appears is almost exactly the same thing but I can use it with any PC as a monitor but whats nice is you can use it with a PC running windows 8 as a touch monitor for windows 8. I have to plug it into my PC and I also have a USB connection to the touchscreen plugged into my PC for the touch feature to work with Windows 8. There are some on Ebay for 199.99 and they come with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Also it is Android 4.0. Does anyone have experience using this unit with Windows 8 and is the multipoint touch work ok? Mine works but I wish it had more touch points. But it is still fine for swiping back and for and launching things.

I was looking at these last year as a second screen for a dual screen Windows setup. I passed due to limited two finger touch (no exotic multi-finger gestures possible). That meant it could not maximize the use of Windows 8. I think it still has limited value as an android only device but I’m not sure it can be upgraded to the latest version of Android. It’s still a bit pricey IMO for the dated processor and 8GB storage.

This looks very neat. I have viewsonic monitor and I love it. viewsonic makes great products imho.