ViewSonic 27" IPS Frameless LED Monitor

“Refresh Rate: 60Hz” gross.

Say goodbye to the thick, clunky plastic frames set over the edges of traditional monitors. This monitor features an edge-to-edge screen and frameless design for an immersive viewing experience…

Ummm… Why can I clearly see a dark, plastic frame–*not *an “edge-to-edge screen”–in the photos?

That would account for the smh part of the model number.

60hz refresh, thick ugly bezels, refurbished, lcd IPS, LED-backlit, 1920x1080. Why so expensive?

Our info matches Viewsonic and Amazon.


As I have readily noticed and fellow Wooter ohikennedy has also confirmed, this monitor absolutely has a pronounced frame.

Hi there. We check on this. Per the vendor:

It has a very thin plastic frame on the sides. ViewSonic calls this a frameless design

Also, Amazon has a better pic: