ViewSonic 28” Ultra 4K HD LED Monitor

Viewsonic says this is a TN panel. No thanks.

I’m sorry, I’m not to versed on the 4k jargon yet, what does that mean?

The price looks nice compared to new, I’d just have to get that 44 extended warranty for POM for the first year. My current Viewsonic has been around for years no problems but one stuck yellow LED and its not that bad on a white/light images…

TN is older technology compared to IPS. I have a 28" 4k TN panel from SEIKI and it works fine at my office. Don’t know about gaming.

There are no 28" IPS panels, afaik.

There are no <4ms IPS 27" panels. Refurb 27" IPS sometimes dip down to $300.

You can get 32" 5ms 4K IPS refurbs for $600.