Viewsonic 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Thank you woot!


Did everyone stop watching?


Wow! Ain’t this fabulous!! I love the whole idea. :slight_smile:

720p? Seriously?

Score one for Wisconsin

about 30 left

I saw the last one and read all he comments, but can’t remember what was different about it. what was it?

Have they all been refurbs?

What happened to the Woot Tracker link. That thing was great for work, but I had to close out when the boss walked in.

i wonder what they’ll do as a closing thing… maybe a 50$ 32" tv haha

anyone know anything about this tv?

it was an 800:1 contrast ratio, this one is 1000:1

It’s a 32 inch TV. Unless you want it as a computer monitor, 1080p would be overkill. For watching HD programming, you can’t tell the difference in picture quality on a screen this size unless you sit a foot away.

product: 1 Viewsonic N3251W 32” 720p LCD HD TV

$449.99 + $5 shipping


the old model number was n3260w if that helps.
I looked it up on viewsonic’s page but didn’t read to see what the difference between the 51 and the 60 is.

so my guess is that they are goin in alphabetical order, they went from sharp to viewsonic, i bet the next brand we see is vizio after they get through all these shitty 32 viewsonic models

Man, i want a 1080p 32" lcd hdtv to use as a computer monitor, WOOT.