Viewsonic 32” LCD HDTV

$678.00 -
$699.99 -
$705.46 -

Viewsonic = Fail
I have a VX922 and it has a serious flaw that was exposed about two months ago to everyone who owns one and the company still has yet to issue a recall or a solution. My biased opinion is DO NOT BUY.

The simulated picture couldn’t be any more appropriate…

How about a BIG one for the same price? I would def tap into my savings account for something 50" or above!

I want some cheap useless woots!

no. this is all the stuff woot bought from tradingcircuit on ebay :wink:

They should make this a live auction…at least it would spice thigns up a bit

Caption to the pictire on the TV

Dude: “I’m sorry dear, WOOT has another TV on the WOOT-OFF.”

Lady: “Noooooooooooo!”

I’d be weary based on the amazon reviews:

not widescreen? and only 1000:1 contrast? poopy

Bought a new one for 550 a few months back… I’m pretty happy with it but another hdmi would be nice

they have a fair few of them too, hopefully people will go for the 32 inch…


r.e.f.u.r.b eh… lunch time here : P

when are the radar detectors coming???

New to Woot. What exactly is a Blogging Old CEO…? Thanks.