ViewSonic gTablet 10.1" Multi-touch Tablet

Just got one of these a couple of months ago, and I love it (I’m using it now in fact). One caveat- it’s not worth getting if you don’t root and install a custom rom; the stock software is pretty much unuseable. Luckily, this is very easy to do. Just google “viewsonic g tablet root”. My only beef is the viewing angle, which sucks. But at this price I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one, if I didn’t have one already.

THanks for the idea. Yes, I want to see the same thing that is being projected via a video projector. The pc is running powerpoint and projecting slides, I just don’t want to keep looking back at the projector. Thx

Hi there,

New to tablets and I have a couple of questions:

  1. Would I be able to play soft-subbed 1080p mkv files smoothly on this? I want my anime to be portable and I don’t want to have to re-encode it. LOL

  2. Since this has a USB port, can I use the tablet as a USB host? ie, I’d like to be able to download/view pictures from my camera when I’m traveling.


What is it with everyone railing about the viewing angles?

I’m sure there are more out there but here’s a short sub-minute YouTube of the viewing angles.

I doubt it but one has to wonder whether or not there were some screens that just got manufactured poorly and all the G tablets are a mix of “the viewing angles are fine” and “man the viewing angles suck”

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I have the Archos 70. I would have gotten the 101 if it was available with the 250GB hard drive my 70 has. I like it a lot and the Archos Forums are a lot of help if you run into trouble.

Note that the one on Woot has no HDMI out, which the Archos does.

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Since you’d (I presume) still be carrying the phone to use its 3G data over bluetooth, why not use its GPS as well?

On second thought, maybe I’m giving Android too much credit – I know maemo devices can use any NMEA-over-bluetooth GPS, and trivially (as in, 5-line shell script) act as a bluetooth GPS, but maybe Android makes one or both sides difficult?

The Cyanogen 7 2.3 firmware is already available. Honeycomb (3.0) is slow going because source is not fully available yet.

In for 1. Had a nook color that my wife took over, so I had to buy something for myself. Can’t wait to get rooting.

Anyway, about the order process, maybe I missed it but I was never given the option of the SOURCE of my paypal payment. I wanted to paypal with my CC but it just went straight through to my bank. Ohh well, I trust Woot I guess.

Also, I didn’t see a shipping option. Are these going out via SmartPost? If so that’ll give everyone enough time to read up on rooting, buy sd cards, wait some more, curse about Smartpost, read some more, and then find a different deal. Or are they coming via a real service?

I didn’t see an answer to this question. Does anyone have experience with the “Droid Graphic environment” vs TapnTap vs rooted tablet options?

No HDMI output on this ViewSonic model.

It sounds like this tablet benefits from being able able to play what you happen to have lying around. You don’t have to transcode stuff just because the device is intentionally hobbled. So you can use a single HD movie file for every player you have.

…kind of like not needing different custom crafted music files for the different mp3 players you might have.

It runs full 10.2 Flash, so yes 99% of Flash sites will work.

LOL - I just got my Commodore 64 via smartpost last week.

The iDevices do. Apple has ‘an app for that’. The Netflix app has been available on the iDevices for a few months now and has been working flawlessly for me from the day I got it…

So as for tablet’s, the iPad as well as iPad2 will be able to view Netflix streaming movies.

Another solution is to install PRemoteDroid - this software connects via wifi to a computer and acts as a remote touchpad/keyboard for your computer.

It also includes the option to pull a cropped screenshot centered on the pointer location. Not as traffic heavy as VNC and gets the job done.

I have one of these, paid more for it too.
Works great with a custom ROM on it from the XDA guys.
Sweet price for what you get and can do with it.