ViewSonic gTablet 10.1" Multi-touch Tablet Around 4 stars on Amazon.

Does this play Angry Birds?

Not only does it play Angry Birds, but it’s preinstalled.

cnet calls it “good”
others call it “very good”

Beware though. These things were recalled due to a manufacturing defect in December. I’m hoping these aren’t those, and I’m hoping the problem in those was fixed.

Everyone who owns this tablet will all make one [recurring] point…

It’s an AMAZING tablet, more than worth the price.

BUT the firmware SUCKS out of the box, and you’ll need to take 45 minutes or so and install a custom rom like Vegan or TnT lite.

yes and in fullscreen where game scale correctly to screen size

Does it support WPA/WPA2 enterprise?

Not the iOS versions.

I’m still very much enjoying the one I bought back in March. You should root it and flash it with a custom ROM (I’m using Vegan Tab) but otherwise it’s a nice tablet at a good price.

Uh oh… here comes the “viewing angles suck” debate.

The reviews for this unit at Amazon say very good things, but there’s a couple small trouble spots you might watch out for if you’re picky about specifics.

-It’s cheap
-It’s powerful for the price
-Many custom roms available (fairly easy to install if you can follow directions)
-Lots of fun, looks beautiful.

-Shoddy viewing angle (could be a pro - free privacy screen!)
-Slightly limited app selection (certain apps won’t work on gtab roms, e.g. facebook app)

I bought one and I do not regret it. A community that will help you root and drop a custom ROM into your tablet and recommend other things.

Bought one of these last time they were on Woot. Very easy to root and install custom firmware. It runs games great with the Nvidia Tegra chip.

Unfortunately, the horrendous viewing angle of the screen is its demise. If this had a decent screen, it would be one of the better tablets out there. Its still the best bang for the buck tablet out there though.

EDIT: Fixed typo ‘customer firmware’

Am patiently waiting for Asus Transformer…

here’s a Digital Digest review on the Youtubes…

Digital Digest

And yes, they complain about viewing angle but seem to like a lot of other features.

FYI…if you have an android phone you will LOVE the g-tablet (once you load a better rom on it) I am personally running vegan tab 5.1.1 which is Froyo and it runs quick and great. For under $30 you can get a full Carbon fiber skin and good screen protector. Lots of activity on XDA. My only complaint is that the viewing angle on the screen especially in landscape (the way it is supposed to be used) is pretty narrow, but not horrible. Let’s be honest though a full featured tablet for $285 I would be buying a second one if i didn’t just get a $500 speeding ticket (FYI speeding in GA sucks only 16 over the limit)

Picked one of these up last time; well worth the purchase price. Works great, handles some of the heavier applications out there without a problem, especially if you root it and toss on the VEGAn-Tab ROM or CyanogenMod 7. No ‘protection’ needing to be bypassed, effectively rooted right out of the box.

Also, the off-center screen is actually really handy when using it in portrait mode, gives you a nice big chunk to grip without accidentally tapping something on the screen.

Battery life is damn good, the speakers are… adequate (if lacking bass, as all tiny horns do). The full-size USB port is excellent. Plug in a USB hub, and then a keyboard and mouse to that. Option of a docking station is nifty too.
Yes, it does support WPA/WPA2, though some people have reported poor reception; I can see my home network from a good block away.

Only problems? The screen’s viewing angle… it’s pretty bad for multiple-person viewing, but if it’s just you, generally it’s fine. That and the fact that the touch-buttons aren’t backlit… only really a problem if you’re in a very dark room; I just hold a hand nearby and bounced light from the screen is enough to see them fine. And that it doesn’t charge over mini-USB; you have to plug it in with its own adapter.

Its not even a debate. They do suck.