ViewSonic gTablet 10.1" Multi-touch Tablet

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ViewSonic gTablet 10.1" Multi-touch Tablet
$239.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Haha, Woot you so culturally relevant!

I have had one since the first woot.

Its amazingly good value, with a little work it can be one of the fastest devices out there.

You can even put Android 3.0 Honeycomb on them now!

Also, here is a quadrant score from mine:

Come on people, you can’t just put the letter ‘g’ in a name and expect it to turn to gold. :wink:

Now this is just downright funny… I wonder if anyone will buy these… I mean why the heck would you?

i wonder if this comes in full color models too. this models looks to be only sepia

This tablet does NOT have a version of Android optimized for a tablet. Be afraid… be very afraid.

Love the write-up

With the stock ROM, random reboot abound.

Rooting and put Cyanogen 7.0.2 I got 280 hours of up time.

Previous woot:

For the record, $239.99 (by the way, any idea why the wootalyzer doesn’t get saved for the future when we look back on sales?).

Was looking for an HP woot!

I’ve almost pulled the trigger on this tablet 3 times now. Opted for the transformer BC I couldn’t get over the screen reviews… plus the dock goodness.

I love my Viewsonic I bought NEW (HAHA) a few months ago that came from WOOT with scratches and fingerprints. Now I love it even more that it’s $50.00 less.

With $99-150 HPs … good luck selling out on these.

Bought one when it was $270 through Woot. Don’t regret it for a second.

I got one of those $150 Touchpads too. I’m looking forward to comparing the two once it gets here. The G-Tablet is a fantastic deal for $240.

Bought it and was very happy with it. Just have to customize it a bit and its a great tablet.

Got one of these a few months back. Put on Vegan-Tab ROM (new O/S of sorts) and it is pretty sweet. Not sure how it compares today to other offerings, but yeah. If you don’t want to learn (it was very easy) how to put a new ROM on this thing, then stay away. The default interface is pure crap. If you want to spend just an hour or so reading the easy step by step instructions on how to remove and replace the default interface, then this is pretty darn good.

FYI, I paid $279.00 for it back in April from Woot.

Wow, Woot, this is going to be a tough sell with all those “debranded” (to use a term familiar to Wooters here) tablets that hit the market this weekend.

A certain “Debrander” has pretty much wrecked the market for tablets for at least the next few weeks, and no matter how great this tablet is, nor how great the price is, it isn’t $99 great.

Better luck next time!

Not a great price for a major downgrade from an apple Ipad or Ipad2. The market is going through a major shake up. You will be getting these IPad knock offs for $100 in a few months. The war is over and Apple won. WOW, 10 years ago I would have said Apple was over. Steve Jobs should be given the keys to corporate America. I don’t think I would buy this for $99. Maybe $69. LOL

literally snagged my Touchpad 20 minutes ago after fighting all weekend to find one. Way to be ironic good ol’ woot.

It takes 13 minutes (I timed it) to get it on 3.0.