ViewSonic Monitors & Projectors

pretty good price on the ViewSonic VA2246M-LED-S 22" 1080p LED Monitor.
It’s $130 at Office Depot (New). Now if you could just be sure it would come with no dead pixels…

I have the VP2770-LED-S. It’s one of the best monitors I’ve ever used. If you’re thinking about buying it, just make sure you can drive it - it requires displayport for maximum resolution. It runs off my macbook pro with a mini-displayport to a standard displayport cable just fine, but I was recently forced to switch from an old dell laptop given to me by my employer to a newer toshiba. The toshiba doesn’t have displayport, so ultimately I bought a docking station (with displayport) for my new work laptop.

It really is great as long as you have displayport. I would recomend it to anyone whose computer can power it.

Nice monitors, but response times aren’t fast enough for what I want. :frowning: