ViewSonic Monitors

Any recommendations from any woot’s who previously bought these monitors?

No more ugly comment colors? Hoooraayy!!!

Maybe you’re paying for the brand name here but Woot! just have a deal on AOC monitors with similar/better specs that were cheaper than these? Or am I mistaken?

Tolerate screen scratches?

I picked up the vp2770 last time. It’s friggin’ gorgeous. It does, however, have a 1/2" scratch on the lcd panel about 3" up from the bottom, and a foot in from the right side. when I first opened the box, and unwrapped the wrapping, the scratch was the first thing I saw. I’m a lazy sob and dont really care that my screen is scratched…If I paid retail for it, I figure the “honor” of being the first to scratch my monitor screen should be mine. I didn’t pay retail now, so it doesn’t feel so bad that I didn’t have first dibs on scratching my monitor. but I bet it woulda drove some of us wooters crazy.

It’s friggin’ gorgeous.

I purchased two of these from Amazon, then sent both of them back due to defective screens. They each had thumbprint sized fuzzy spots on the LCD, same place on both monitors. Looked like someone mishandled them during assembly. One of the replacement monitors had the same problem so back it went too.

That’s FIVE monitors that I have received, three of them I returned. One of them that I kept has the same issue but to a much lesser extent. I decided that I could live with it.

Good luck if you decide to buy!

Is it worth saving $25 for a refurb? In this case I would say it is not. You would probably end up with one of my returns.

I have a 23" I picked up from a couple woots ago and I love it. I’m tempted to get a 24" to join it and get rid of my 19" monitor.

My only concern is that with Windows 8+, whether your boxing yourself in with a non-touchscreen monitor. I don’t really like the idea of using touch screens for my desktop, however. I tend to set about 3’ away.

I have one of the VA2342-LED-S monitors from previous Woot. It’s residing in my travel trailer because it runs off of the 12vdc battery, is very low-power consumption, and weighs a third of the monitor it replaced. Works fine, very sharp and bright, but haven’t put a whole lot of hours on it.

1080p is not great resolution for screens over 22". A good 27" screen should be in the 2560X1440 range (depending on aspect ratio) - 27" at 1080p and your icons and such are going to be rather large.