ViewSonic Monitors

Got mine yesterday. I highly recommend using the dvi port over the hdmi. Much better picture.

AARRghhh!! Mine doesn’t work! Just found out I have to pay to ship it back! Is this in the description somewhere???

Most of the offers in this PLUS sale carry a 90 Day Viewsonic Warranty.

If you’re encountering problems, Viewsonic is the best contact to help find a replacement/repair.

If you find that they were unable to assist you, please feel free to email into and let them know.

Hmmm… I bought two of these, and neither one of them seem to recognize when I have a DisplayPort input connected. Is there some trick to using DisplayPort input? When I have anything plugged into the DisplayPort, I just get “No Input Signal” on the monitor. When I plug in via DVI, it works great.