ViewSonic Monitors

Does anyone know if the monitor acts like a normal mouse? I have a surveillance system that puts out video and has a USB mouse. If this touchscreen emulates a standard mouse, it would be a great improvement when typing because you have to click each letter on the OSD with mouse, and this would be more like an iPad. On the other hand, if it is a more complex interface that requires a driver to use, then I can’t use it as I can’t load drivers into the camera system.

Buy at your own risk. I received mine with a hole smashed through it and no one at Woot will get back to me. I’m beginning to question my loyalty to a company that makes themselves near impossible to contact.

Looks like the one they sold me is defective.

I am connecting it to a current Mac Air Displayport using an Insignia connector that converts to standard HDMI. Into that a new 26 dollar 4 foot Hotron High Speed HDMI cable connects it to the HDMI input on the Monitor. The resulting image on the Viewsonic monitor you sold me looks like it’s displayed on an EGA monitor from the 80s as it only seems to display 16 colors.(I have photos of this if you are interested) Everything displayed on the monitor is represented in huge blocks made up of one of 16 colors. Looks like a poorly executed paint-by-numbers cartoon of the actual image. (There is no place to attach a file of any kind on you “Support” page, not helpful) To verify that it’s the monitor that is defective and the not computer, I unplugged the HDMI cable from the Viewsonic monitor and plugged it into my Vizio E550i-AO television. It looks fantastic on the Vizio TV whereas the monitor woot sold me looks like, as I said, something from the 80s.

Check the manufacturer’s website for details.