ViewSonic Monitors

Ha! I knew this would happen. Last year I bought two of the VX2703MH-LED monitors from Amazon. Both of them had what looked like thumbprint sized smudges a few inches down and a few inches in from each side. Like as if when the screen was assembled a careless worker pressed in the wrong spot.

The result was that when the monitor displayed a solid light color you could see these two fuzzy darks spots.

Both monitors were returned for an exchange. So I received two new ones. One of those also had the smudges. It went back and yet another arrived. That new one also had the fuzzy spot, in the same location but it was faint enough that I decided to accept it.

So now my old monitors with the fuzzy spots are available to my fellow wooters. Enjoy!

Got mine yesterday. The packaging is a little sketchy, even for a refurb, but the monitor is awesome. Set it to sRBG mode and it’s maybe just a shade too blue compared to once it’s calibrated.