ViewSonic N1800TV-NT 18 inch LCD TV with Speakers


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Whoeeeee! I’m goin’ to be the first to snap this one up! Bring on the deals!


Viewsonic has it listed for $899. Amazon for $763…used $683 (I think) so this is a great price. My question…I have a 5 year old Micron Millenia Desk Top with Intel P III 450 Hz MotherBoard…can I use this as a monitor?


thats like a ford pinto on pimp my ride. Yes, it would work but why?


At what point do we all get arrested for buying stolen goods and realize that woot is some elaborate fence?


probably sometime next week


so first off this is an insane deal

but i am just wondering how the tv portion of this bad boy works…

does it work with all cable/satellite providers?

what kind of inputs are on the back of this monitor?


“Condition: Refurbished by Viewsonic, in retail box”


but a lot of the time refurbished just means repackaged


woot! is one big scam. They are selling stolen goods. Buyer beware.


Where can I find the specs for the display? What types of connectors?


This is a really good deal, too bad I am broke right now!

Also, could someone from woot! contact me?


5646 MILTON ST STE 940
DALLAS, TX 75206-3937

5646 MILTON ST., STE. 940
DALLAS, TX 75206


WOOT INC PHONE#: (214)363-6633
Jonathan A. Pace
Firm Profile: Pace & Rickey, L.L.P.
18333 Preston Road, Suite 500
Dallas, Texas 75252-5466
(Collin, Dallas & Denton Cos.)

Telephone: 214-363-6633

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the following rules (from the woot FAQ) are all we ask:

[b]What is not allowed in the community?
First, the usual disclaimer – we’re not responsible for the content of any user submitted post in our community. In practice, we’ll try to enforce some simple guidelines below. We want good and bad feedback and will not defend ourselves by means of censorship.

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  3. Do not post fake reviews (good or bad) of a product you have not physically used or seen used firsthand. Feel free to post what you’ve heard, just try to be clear and upfront. [/b]

We know the mystery of who is behind woot! is fun (we’ve read some great theories out there on various message boards,) and we enjoy the commotion caused by our oddness.

We would like to note that anyone needing a great corporate attorney in the dallas area might make use of the who-is posts, but otherwise they are rather dry reading.

On the otherhand, the posts about buying stolen goods, those are great reading and we appreciate the inferred complement :slight_smile:

Last note - Although it hasn’t been done yet maliciously, anyone can spoof being a woot employee on these boards. There are thousands of new visitors coming in and there’s not a lot of heads-up to clue them into what is going on. Feel free and join the conversation, especially if you previously purchased from woot! This is a community experiment as much as it is a store. We plan to sit back and at the very least be entertained.

have fun



Any way to list the prices of the past… to see the deals we missed out on?


I ordered one and have not yet heard back, any update?


Can anyone tell me how much this product was when it sold? Thanks bunch


Does this have S-Video in?


Do not, I repeat, do not buy from this place. If you are already skeptical, you should be. I tried to buy the keyboard that they were selling and they sent me a cheap scanner. I sent the scanner back and they said that they were going to resend the keyboard and never did. Meanwhile, I contacted my credit card company and they said that tried to bill me twice for the keyboard that I never received. Needless to say, it is disputed. I have tried to contact Woot many times about this and I do not get a response. Please everyone - do not deal with them. They will take advantage of you. I have given them at least 3 warnings for them to respond without me posting a message about it on this board but I think it is time to tell people about it now.