ViewSonic VA1655 15.6" IPS Monitor

ViewSonic VA1655 15.6" IPS Monitor

It should be noted that this comes with no power supply. You’ll have to farm out your own. Turns the deal into a stinker.
No way to use it with an hdmi source as is. Your only option is to drain the usb-c input device connected for power.

It should have come with a power cable.


If yours is missing, reach out to ViewSonic to see if they can replace it.

Monitors such as these are mainly targeted to folks wanting a portable secondary monitor – which means there may not be an AC outlet nearby. The power cable as noted is the USB C cable.

Per the user’s manual (downloaded from Viewsonic, this just needs a port that can deliver more than 10 watts. There are many options for that, such as these:

… or any number of options at the mothership too. If you have an existing USB power adapter (5V, 2A minimum), that’ll work too.

FWIW, a number of phones have not included power adapters for a few years now either – and they’re $1,000+.

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Thanks for replying, but my point was this particular model does not have a power supply while the two other similar models do.
It would have been nice to know before buying. I wanted others know. The included power supply provided with these more expensive
other two provides enough to both power the device and even charge usb-c connected laptops while running. (Second usb-c
cable required) As is, it will not work with a nintendo or other device with hdmi ouput like a small windows tablet.