ViewSonic VX2880ml 28" 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor

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ViewSonic VX2880ml 28" 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor
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Keep in mind that it’s not just any old graphics card that can drive this display. You might need a new graphics card if yours is a few years old. Upgrading your graphics card might also require a new power supply if the current one can’t meet the needs of the new one (and some of them NEED a lot). It would be a bummer to have this arrive and then find out you have more to do and buy before you can even enjoy the pretty colors.

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Run Away from this monitor.

It has a 30 mHz refresh rate.
That is far too slow for proper usage. Do you want to see your mouse dragging across the screen? You really dont want a monitor with this low a refresh rate. Unless you just want to stare at a picture and drool.

If you get a 4K monitor, you want 60 Hz refresh rate at a minimum.
Also at this size, lots of windows programs arent going to scale, text looking tiny. Its getting better but you dont want to be an early adopter with this.

Is this a problem for people who don’t play video games?

It shouldn’t be a problem for watching TV shows and movies since they are 24fps

Yes. Even things like moving the mouse cursor or dragging a window will appear choppy. You absolutely want 60Hz.

Max refresh rate at 4K is 30 Hz.

Thanks for the help all. A 30 fps cap in video games is a deal breaker for me.

The Amazon reviews suggest this monitor has some serious questions concerning quality.

Max refresh rate for HDMI 1.4 at 4K is 30Hz. HDMI 2(I think) and Displayport can do faster refresh rates, not that this monitor has either of those.