Vigilance Cimarron Lake County Red (4)

Vigilance Cimarron Lake County Red Wine 4-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
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2014 Vigilance Cimarron, Lake County Red Wine Blend

Had this over two nights last week.
I thought this was ok the first night but much better the second. Probably still a little too young, like many woot cellars or pedroncelli wines.
A nice GSM blend, heavy on the S but you wouldn’t know it. Beautiful deep dark color with medium body. Smells like black fruit, plums and blackberries come to mind, but not much else. Doesn’t taste very fruity or hot, no oak, decent acid, finish is short.
On day 2 this was a different wine. Nicely balanced with cherry and berry fruit, spices, some oak, good finish. Definitely tastier and more expressive while being better integrated.
Overall a solid mountain fruit wine with relatively low alcohol which was appreciated.
Good daily drinker just let it sit in the bottle a while longer or decant. Also the price is decent, I wouldn’t pay more than $15 for this.

Curious what the ph and acid numbers are and what % of oak was new.

A guess at everyday pricing:

(yes, I know it’s one click away from CT; putting it here for a reason)

I’m a big GSM fan and $14 is right in the sweet spot but alas the wine budget for January is exhausted.


the flyin’ monkey was kind enough to gently drop off a bottle of today’s offer at my local Fed Ex office…

Had this on our dinner date this past Friday.

Color: clear ruby red; on the dark spectrum; noticeable legs

Nose: very muted. neither one could pick anything out; I was reaching when I stated “plumb”

Taste: very generic.

me: automatically guessed mass production; non-descript; red fruit; soft tannins; a tad flabby though acidity was there; megapurple?

SWMBO: nice party wine that most will like; neither good nor bad

I tried to pick out grapes before reading bottle. I guessed zin blend.

Alcohol: I found it noticeable; wine a bit disjointed due to the alcohol overwhelming the fruit

My guess: 14.5
SWMBO’s guess: 13.5-14.0

MSRP guess:
Me: $22
SWMBO: $24

Both agreed $12 delivered would be appropriate.

I wanted to like this wine but it did not do it for me. It did not complement our steak but neither did it clash with it. SWMBO agreed. We both agreed something we could buy at a supermarket chain.

Surprised it is from Shannon Ridge. The “Buck” red blend I got on here a few months back is a better QPR imo.

My two cents. Thank you WD for the opportunity!

EDIT: this is a very drinkable and enjoyable wine for what it is…most would enjoy if brought to a gathering…I am looking for a bit more nuance right now

Did you consider that it might have been a root day and that is why you didn’t like it??


lmgtfy 1st hit

FYI- found this at my local supermarket for $9.99 a bottle if you buy 6.