Vigilance Lake County Cab Sauvignon (4)

Vigilance Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
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2014 Vigilance Cabernet Sauvignon, Lake County, Red Hills


2 of 2 bottles for review from my sonoma trip a couple weeks back. I have seen this on store shelves before at a fairly low price point so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I also had very few lake county wines and no cabernet that I can recall.

Color is a medium red, which looks a little on the light side for a cabernet. The wine is free of sediment. with the PNP I got a very moderate but young nose but was a bit nondescipt. I noted red fruit with a bit of blackberry, some oak but it doesn’t seem to add anything or take away from the wine. I felt it resembled a cabernet in that blind tasting I would pick out as a cab but would have an impossible time with any other details.

Drinking it it comes across dry and medium bodied medium drying tannins and a good amount of acidity. The balance between all these elements seemed good. Nothing stuck out either good or bad. I again got blackberry some oak and strangely enough pomegranate. Pomegranate is a note I associate with Pinot Noir and even more so a lighter style Grenache not typically Cabernet. I enjoyed the overall flavors in the wine more than the nose. The finish was medium length and showed the nice juicy acidity that I like. It really seemed like a better food wine than a sipper. And at the price point that makes sense.

After being open for several hours it did pick up a slight jamminess.

Not a wine I would necessarily seek out but not bad in any way. Alcohol and oak are under control, its a bit generic but has the qualities to make it a nice dinner wine.
Style, I would place it somewhere in between new and old world. It doesn’t have the huge over the top profile of a modern napa cab but it definitely tastes like a California cab.

Shannon Ridge wines never ship to Ohio… until now?

You complaining? Yes, OH is on the list. REJOICE!

Not complaining, just skeptical :tongue:

What happened to MD. Don’t know anybody in D.C. Haven’t ben able to buy wine from here for a while. Come on wineries pay that fee.

and from Wine Enthusiast magazine:

Vigilance 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon (Red Hills Lake County)

This is an easy-drinking, attractively fruity and seemingly sweet wine with medium body and a soft texture.

This is on sale at Binny’s for $10.99(from $11.99)

Think I’ll go grab one if I get by there today.


When I opened this wine and poured it into the glass, I had to go back and read the label again. Yes, it is a cab but the color looked light red.

I thought it had a pleasant nose. First taste was a bit fruity and then the spices settled in. Then the drying tannins took over. For such an overall “light” cab I found it to be as dry as a big hearty cab.

The wine is nice, but if paired with food, I am afraid the food would over-power this wine. It is a pleasant wine for the cook while preparing the meal.

I prefer a big and bold when I drink cab so I was left wanting for more with Vigilance. But that is a personal preference.

They wont ship to VA either

Was this a bottle you got from Woot for review, or was it from another source?

From WOOT for review

So I picked up a bottle at Binny’s today.
Not much going on here. Hints of cabernet in the nose. This is simple and quaffable I guess. Could probably put a chill on it. No real structure to it. Not much to it at all. Meh.

Not interested in today’s deal but have enjoyed the handful of Shannon Ridge wines that I’ve tried, so looking forward to future offers now that Ohio is on the ship-to list!