Vigilance Pinot Noir Rosé (6)

Vigilance Pinot Noir Rosé 6-Pack
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2016 Vigilance Pinot Noir Rosé

Finally all is right with the world!

We had an opportunity to sample a bottle of the 2016 Vigilance Rosé a few nights ago. In the glass, it was a beautiful salmon color, perfectly clear. My initial impression of the nose was that it was quite subdued, with a faint aroma of strawberries. A little sip before my palate got compromised with the smells and tastes of dinner, and I found more strawberries and some hints of stone fruit, peaches and apricots, not what I expected. As the wine warmed up, the bouquet and the flavors became more pronounced, with red raspberries added to the mix. Throughout the meal, consisting of halibut fillets roasted with lime juice, soy sauce, shallots, EVOO, cilantro, and fresh grated ginger, accompanied by fresh asparagus and white rice, the wine held up beautifully against all those strong flavors, and continued to improve in flavor. Toward the end of the bottle, there was so much fruit showing on the palate that it conveyed the impression of sweetness, but it was perfectly dry and crisp. This was a thoroughly delightful wine, reminiscent of a fine French rosé from the Burgundy region. I’d be comfortable paying $20-25 for a rosé of this quality.

The other night, ddeuddeg and I had the great fortune of being able to taste the 2016 Vigilance Pinot Noir Rosé, made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, which were grown in Colusa County, a bit northwest of Sacramento, CA. This is such a young vintage that it most likely was just recently bottled. This may sound cliché, but this wine is a beautiful rosé color–nice and clear. On the nose, I got a lot of strawberry and maybe some other berry and also, kiwi. It has a very pleasing nose and paired well with our halibut, with a soy, ginger, and cilantro sauce; steamed asparagus with lemon juice and pepper and rice. I never thought that a wine would taste soooo good after asparagus, but this one did! On the palate, I got more strawberries, but it seemed like the strawberries were not as pronounced as they were on the nose. I also noticed a bit of citrus. Maybe this is what complemented the asparagus? There was a nice acidity and nice balance, along with a certain crispness and a long finish. Be prepared for a dry rosé. It is likely that this wine was aged in stainless, but I would like confirmation from the winery on this.

I really enjoyed this wine a lot. I can see enjoying this wine on Shakespeare Hill in Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY during one of our plays this summer or simply while sitting on the porch or patio. This will be coming to our home soon! We are looking forward to enjoying it this summer.


imagine my surprise to click on a rosé and find…a rosé :slight_smile:

I researched this wine days ago for some reason. And whattya know, it’s today’s woot offer. Weird.

Lucky Day!!! Me and my significant other got to try out the Vigilance 2016 Rose from California.

This Rose appeared to be light pink in appearance. On the nose I mostly got strawberries and my girlfriend said light berries with some citrus undertones.

Now for the taste, definitely a dry Rose which both of us love. Crisp with a champagne feel with slight berry undertones that opened up as we continued tasting it. I would say strawberry was the most pronounced. She described it as citrus raspberry dry with high acidity and fuller body.

Overall we both gave it 4 out of 5 stars and estimated the cost at $15 and $20 respectively. We again both love dry rose and this totally held up as one. We would buy it again.

We had it with a spicy sausage and kale soup and it worked well with spice.


Can we confirm if this is a stainless offering?? If so, I’m in for sure. Pool will be opened in 10 days!!

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The bottle that arrived does not say Pinot noir anywhere on it.

Is it the right vintage?