Viking of Death


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

If Loki causes this to sell out, Odin will make it available again tomorrow. Just click here!


Very neat shirt. Too bad it’s in black, first good one in awhile. I’m sure it sells out.


Nice colors, but the hands are missing a few digits. Is this a case of Viking carelessness.

Oh…and w00t, please put the Valentine’s Day shirts out next week so we have a chance to get them by the holiday. Also, it’s cold as crap here…how about some long sleeved shirts (we’ll pay more if the design isn’t lame).


i agree… may buy it b/c of that


it scares me


Kind a “poisoned alien” green going on there woot, and not as viking-esque as I would have hoped from the title. Might buy later, but a pass for now.


Looks more like the Alien from Bugs Bunny.

I’ll pass, thanks anyway.

Happy New Year!!!

  • Ian


Looks very emo, or at least goth.


would look 10x better on a gray polo, and not centered


In for 1!


yea, i would be in for valentine shirts too.


This thing looks like a confused kid would wear it. What’s the point behind this shirt anyway?


My hatred for black shirts aside, this shirt just isn’t for me. Since when are vikings green?


looks terrible…my apologies to the designer.


Well I guess I’m totally outnumbered, but I like it. Very random I suppose - but I like it none the less!


i thought it was marvin the martian




If the shirt was gray I would get it but the black puts it just over the geek edge for me.


With some green color in it you can use it on St. Patricks, and then maybe it will arrive just around that time.