That’s not very nice of them.

This shirt makes me want bacon.

Everybody knows Favre is just going to sink the boat anyway.

All I see is a big piece of bacon.

vikings!! rawwrr! (i know it’s a pirate sound)

The octopus seems impressed!

Those legs must be a real drag.
Oh, also, which direction is the wind blowing, The sail says to the left, the flag says to the right…

Squid + Bacon? [shudder] this veggo says “no thanks”

They come from the land of the ice and snow where the midnight sun and the hot springs flow.

Ahh, the Hammer of the Gods.

When they reach land, I picture a lot of Benny-Hill style running around with those long legs.

In a science mood so debating whether evolutionary advantage or not (and pondering scale – is this near the shore or undersea trench levels of leggings?)

Put one of those guys on a ladder: “Hey, I can see Valhalla from up here!”

what the … Fred Flintstone would turn in his grave.

Man I’d hate to walk a mile in their shoes…they’re all wet.

It’s not quite the flintmobile… Flintboat? Flintmoboat? Float?

Woot has excellent taste in music!!!

You’d think their basketball teams would do better than they have done, considering how tall they all are.

The author’s name is the same as the place kicker for the Chicago Bears.

I feel so short just looking at his tee…