Villa Chiara Italian Cabernet & Merlot (6)

Villa Chiara Italian Cabernet & Merlot 6-Pack
$59.99 $109.00 45% off List Price
2011 Villa Chiara Delle Venezie Italian Merlot
2011 Villa Chiara Delle Venezie Italian Cabernet Sauvignon
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I liked this when I ratted the CS when it appeared a couple of months. So I went in on the earlier offer of the CS, and liked it even more. I had decided that if it showed up I was ready to pounce. So here it is, paired with merlot.

So in for two, looking forward to replenishing my stock of CS and hoping the merlot is as tasty.

A few notes to help other wooters. I’m generally not a big CS fan. My tastes in reds run more toward bright and acidic rather than deep, jammy, and rounded.

In describing this before a good way to approach it in my mind was to conjure up a middle-of-the-road CS in terms of taste profile. Then I thought that if I muted the deeper notes from that profile, and enhanced the brighter notes, that would capture my overall impressions of the CS. Pretty much in my red wine wheelhouse, IOW.

If you like your CS deep, bold, jammy, and potent, this probably isn’t for you. But if you think might like a solid CS that bleeds more toward a sangio this might be for you.

My rattage of the CS from the previous offer.

These appear to be of the drink now genre. The holidays are coming up . . . Might be a decent grab to bring to a party or a decent stocking stuffer. Thinking . . .

I wonder if the merlot is anything like the Tasi merlot. Anybody had both that can offer a comparison?

Well, the previous comments mentioned it was a serious cut above the Copa, so this is probably “better” than the Tasi. More crafted, leaner, less RS, etc.

Being Cab said Fred and Italian I jumped on this the 1st time it was offered, Better than Copa (Surprise) I was not impressed with it. a pass here

Are you ever going to join us for a SoCal gathering? Most wooters are normal people :slight_smile:

sure, I forget to check the boards to see when they are, normal? one thing I have never been called :slight_smile:

“Better than Copa” is a pretty low bar!!!

Actually not surprised that you and I skew differently on this one - a reflection of our different preferences.

Now is the right day for this!!!

Are they? Any ‘hold until’ recommendations?

I gather that you didn’t read the linked tasting notes.

yep… I have a HIGH standard for my Cab’s.

Yeah - that’s why coming from you “not Copa” really doesn’t limit the field very much.

OK, OK found this wine to be average at best, Found many “daily” wines for much less than $10 that were much better than this. IMHO

Go Bruins…(UCLA)