Villainous Victorian Velociraptor

Ahhhh… if only it was running some small mammal over…

A well-deserved victory. In for three!

Two in a row, huh? Prehistory knows how to represent at shirt.woot .

I would not want to be the one who has to tell the carnivorous dinosaur when his training wheels have to come off.

Yay soko!!! You’ve deserved a print for so long!! Thank you for winning first! What a great way to kick off the year :smiley:

Two Dinosaur shirts in a row is a bit of a surprise. However, this shirt has much better style, and a monocle.

Don’t ask what happens when those toe claws get caught in the spokes.

HA! Dino’s rock the fixed gear too!

twirl moustache EXCELLENT.

Wow … when did Old Lace learn to ride a bike?

least this one has better clothes sense (and more skin) than his buddy with the parka…

The texture on the velociraptor is spectacular.

I wonder if he has a “good” twin brother since he is obviously the evil brother.

I’ll bet he breaks lots of wheel spokes

On a velocipede no less…:stuck_out_tongue:

They couldn’t predict that Soko would win today with this design. The other design was a daily and preset long ahead of the time this derby was even presented to us.

Is that suppose to be a penny-farthing bike?

This velociraptor is obviously a criminal. I feel sorry for the fellow whose tux collar and bicycle he stole.

I am so very pleased this won. I have been crossing my fingers for it all week. :smiley: This has probably been my most enthusiastic purchase yet.

I grabbed one as a tear ran down my cheek. It’s beautiful.