Vin du Lac Barrel Select Sampler (3)

Vin du Lac Barrel Select Sampler 3-Pack
$75.99 (Normally $110.00) 31% off List Price
2007 “Barrel Select” Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 “Barrel Select” Merlot
2008 “Barrel Select” Cabernet Franc
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Interesting selection trio today. Any word on why the 2008 cab franc instead of going for the 2007 trifecta?

Any rats out there? pH and alc numbers look reasonable. Only vineyard I have heard of before is upland.

Can the winery provide some insight as to the selection of the vineyard sources? What other Washington producers is your style similar to?

This is pricey juice.

Using my name in vain?.. Wait. Never mind.

“Licorice-lined” was all I needed to read, really. And who could resist the chance to taste spicy violets? Although, the “pencil shavings” do give me pause.

Okay, my interest is definitely piqued.

The only one that looks appealing is the merlot, and at this price point, I’m not up for taking the chance. Maybe three merlots and I might bite. But the price point woot has been offering lately is really allowing me to pass. Loved seeing a six pack, two of each, reasonably priced. Or a trio. This might be reasonably priced, but I know nothing of the area or the wines. But then again, that doesnt mean much.

Winery, what was the oak treatment on these? I see you only use real barrel aging, no oak balls.

I hear crickets.

I hear the sound of people sleeping and others driving into work. :tongue:

That was me. I can make a cricket sound by way of whistle.

That’s my phone’s ringer…drives the dog insane.

This is some pricey juice. Anyone know anything about it to justify the cost?

We sold out of the 2007 already! But don’t worry, that 2008 scored a 90!

-Todd Bunker, Asst. Winemaker

Cab Sauv = 67% new oak, all French (Vicard Cooperage)
Merlot = 55% new oak, French, mix of Vicard and Radoux
Cab Franc = 30% new oak, 50/50 French/American. Damy, Billon, Canton.

Todd, Since you are here can you answer my question from earlier? Thanks.

I will try to answer both questions at once. Our philosophy is to have balance in the wines, specifically so that they pair well with food. Bistro Wines, we like to call them. (We also have a Bistro at our tasting room.) We get about half of our grapes from the Chelan Valley (which is relatively cool climate for eastern Washington), and half from the Columbia Valley, so we end up with reds such as these three that are not overwhelming as far as fruit, gigantic mouthfeel/palate, etc.

As well, since it is cooler in Chelan we sourced these Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc from Yakima Valley vineyards such as Upland, Stillwater Creek, Klingele, and even Weinbau on the Wahluke Slope, where they have the heat to ripen big red grapes so nicely.

My standard question for all Washington wineries: Are you Mariners fans?

Lifelong, but they keep making it harder and harder to love them.

Gotcha, thanks Todd! I was just wondering if the cab franc was ready earlier than the other varietals.