Vina Robles 2006 Suendero & 2008 Chardonnay - 2+2 Pack Woot Info Post - better than a kick in the crotch!

Vina Robles 2006 Suendero & 2008 Chardonnay - 2+2 Pack [White & Red] - $48.99 + $5 shipping shipping

2 * Vina Robles 2006 Suendero, 2 * Vina Robles 2008 Chardonnay

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Dammit that Expression 44 was gone fast! I was just about to abuse my credit card some more!

Btw, again:
Vina Robles 2006 Suendero & 2008 Chardonnay - 2+2 Pack
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Vina Robles 2006 Suendero & 2008 Chardonnay - 2+2 Pack
Condition: White & Red
2 Vina Robles 2006 Suendero
2 Vina Robles 2008 Chardonnay

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Maybe siwbm means Suddenly I Want to Buy More?

This is looking like an offer I can’t refuse–I love me some Bordeaux-influenced wines. And all of the 06 Suendero info I’m finding is placing it at $45-$50 a bottle.

The (Houston) Chron seemed to like it–2009 Grand Champion Best of Show

Yum I do like there blends in fer one.


Does wine.woot ever offer good wine bundles for under $30? If I ever saw 3 bottles of decent wine for 20 bucks I’d be way more inclined to buy. It’s just so hard to jusitfy these prices considering I know nothing about wine.

I would love to try the Suendero but don’t really need the Chardonnay.

Almost 50% PV for those fans out there.

No. The profit margin would be too thin with the $5 shipping and such. They do sell $10ish bottles, but they come in either 5- or 6-packs.

Woot works hard to make sure that they are putting up QUALITY wines. There just aren’t many quality ones under $10 and at $6 like you describe, most are swill in comparison to what is here. I’d rather have 1 tasty bottle than 2 or 3 so so ones

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any 2+ bottle offering for less than $35, unless it’s a woot cellars magnum of some kind. They do have multi-bottle offerings that average out to as low as $10 a bottle, though.

It is a pricey gamble, but I’ve only been burned once out of…7 or 8 wine orders? A lot of the wines here repeat over time, so it’s always worth checking the archives to see what folks said–a lot will report back to the day’s original comment thread to share their tasting experience.

OK… Corrado and NightGhost I need some guidance. I’ve resisted wine so far this Woot! Off. Jumper cables and Vinturis so far. Do I say yes now?

If you like Chard and Bdx blends, YES! If not (like myself), then wait.

hey this is probably a dumb question but how does woot verify your age … or any online alcohol sales for that matter

The delivery man should check your ID as there is a sticker on the box that says there is alcohol inside.

I’ve have a few nice reds (for a novice) and a couple whites. Just looking for the “one” to buy. My BFF is a wine freak and I’d love to Woot! a wonderful gift. Any recommendations?

I never used to like whites, but they’re growing on me. I love the concept of a white/red offering…something for (almost) everyone!

…Now if we could just get some port-style offerings…

I feel your pain, but the answer is no. Rumor has it that the $5 shipping doesn’t cover the actual cost, so the overall price has to be high enough to cover anything left over. I think the lowest I’ve seen is 3 for $39.99.

The closest I’ve seen to a $6 wine is the TLC, which was $49.99/6 (about $9/bottle after shipping).

All I can advise is to read the comments, which may require going back to previous woots. Based on the comments, you should get a sense of whether any specific offering is the sort of thing that appeals to you.

I think the woot business model is to have good prices on good wines. You could probably find better wines at the same or slightly lower prices locally, or equally good wines for cheaper, but you might have to try a lot of bottles or really bad wine before you found the one you liked. Total cost would probably be higher, and you would have gotten to drink a lot of bad wine.

I take it as a good sign that there are so many frequent commentators who have clearly drunk a lot of wine of various quality and price points that find most of the deals here exceptional. That doesn’t mean that any given deal will be something you can afford, or something you like, but that it will be a good price for the type and quality of wine being offered.