Vina Robles Red Blend - 3 +1 Pack

Muwhahahahahahahaha!! :happy:

Vina Robles

Paso Robles Winery … Great Stuff. mmmm Red4. Now that was good stuff!

And they have (or had) a Grappa of PS!!!

Signature available by itself for $22.62.


the Syree’s a PS blend! Edit: Oh, sorry Syrah first, then PS. Still, We don’t get a lot of these, so it’ll be good to see how this compares to the other more common varietal inexpensive wines. Same goes even more so for the signature with mainly PV!

This is Paso Robles so is likely to be a biig wine with higher alcohol, unless we discover better. This have a nice low pH and high TA to compensate? Yes, it’s decent. TA’s ok, and pH 3.4 is very respectable.

Oh… why did I have to order a case of Wellington “The Duke” today? This stuff looks really good. Hmmmmmmmmmm I’ll sleep on it.

If it werent for my SIWBM, I’d be in. Nice offering.

Be careful about sleeping on it: that might be a bit bumpy. We wouldn’t want you breaking bottles when you turn over during a nightmare about high pH.

Vina Robles Red Blend - 3 +1 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
3 2005 Syrée
1 2005 Signature

They have el facebook, er… caralibro? too. No, I’m not bery good at Spanish. But I bet they’re not that brilliant at it in Paso either!

Like the pH. The wines look very post-modern: med/low pH, but med/high ABV and creative blends that don’t happen in highly regulated old world regions.

The Wine Enthusiast gave the Syree a 90. And, it gave the Signature an 87

I’m with you. I wish I could justify going in on this one but there’s already negative space remaining to store wine. I wonder what rpm would say about this one :slight_smile:

This is right up my alley, and I’m very curious about the signature blend.

Going to have to scrape some funds together for this one.

All I can say is I’m happy there’s only kosher wine on once a year

Paso Robles. Hmmm, wonder if it’ll run Linux.

I was introduced to Vina Robles a few year back. Feven though I have not had these specific blends there hasn’t been a wine from them that was not fully enjoyed in my household. They seem to get the most out of their fruit. They are one of the best vintners out of Paso.

Have to say even though I love the TLC, this I didn’t care for. I think it was a different year though, so who knows.

Hold on, this is actually totally different. The one I didn’t like was just Vina Robles Red. i.e. that’s what it said on each bottle.

Wow - just get my cedar raps in the mail (12 each pack @ 7.99 each) and look what appears on the main woot site today. Makes me feel like I got took - missing on the planks for “free” (with a 2 pack purchase…)

Woot purchase two days in a row… gonna run out of funds quickly at this pace! Looking forward to the blends and the Zins!

i will go broke soon, so tasty.